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lego star wars


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And It's really not a Lucasarts game. Due to Lego's acquired licenses, they are free to create almost whatever product they want based off Star Wars with their own company or a hired third party. All they need is Lucasarts go ahead. Which was given.


I love the game personally (better than the Episode III game lol). Who cares about realism anyway. It's not like Lego's fighting is realistic either. It's so much more fun to be flying through a Coruscant battle watching bricks fly off of ships when they are destoryed.

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Yeah, I own this game. But it's a little too boring after beating it, which seemed pretty easy. If they had a difficulty change, it'd be a blast. Then I realise on the back it says "E" for everyone... Argh. Not what I was planinng. A kiddie type game. Not that it can't be played by anyone, just it's based for kids that like a 'hard' game. Some of the 'big-brawls' as I like to call them, out in the parking lot, can be a little fun, but you just double jump and strike the ground to shockwave enemies nearby. Try having all the playable sith or baddies and minimum good guys out there. I've done it.

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