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What if a lightsaber attack to the head or chest is fatal while a lightsaber attack to an arm or leg simply chops it off. Maybe you can choose whether your character is right-handed or left-handed. For example if you're right-handed and you lose your right hand, you can't dual wield, you lose the weapon that you were holding in that hand, and also you're accuracy is a lot worse in your left hand.


For saber battling there needs to be a better way to defend and more saber locks.


Also their should be less dual sabers and staffs and more single sabers. I have nothing against them, and I actually favor them, but they should have less of them.


You should be able to create your own lightsaber. Not like in Jedi Academy where you just pick one of them. You should build it by choosing a base and adding parts to it and maybe some of the parts can affect things like speed or power. In addition you should be able to modify guns.


Also they should change the lightsaber styles. Instead of having the yellow, blue, and red they should make the styles more like the movies. They should have the styles mentioned in the movies. In addition you should be able to create your own style.

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What if a lightsaber attack to the head or chest is fatal while a lightsaber attack to an arm or leg simply chops it off. Maybe you can choose whether your character is right-handed or left-handed. For example if you're right-handed and you lose your right hand, you can't dual wield, you lose the weapon that you were holding in that hand, and also you're accuracy is a lot worse in your left hand.


For saber battling there needs to be a better way to defend and more saber locks.


Also their should be less dual sabers and staffs and more single sabers. I have nothing against them, and I actually favor them, but they should have less of them.


You should be able to create your own lightsaber. Not like in Jedi Academy where you just pick one of them. You should build it by choosing a base and adding parts to it and maybe some of the parts can affect things like speed or power. In addition you should be able to modify guns.


Also they should change the lightsaber styles. Instead of having the yellow, blue, and red they should make the styles more like the movies. They should have the styles mentioned in the movies. In addition you should be able to create your own style.

Very good ideas ABCIMe123!


I see you agree as I, that Lucasarts should focus more on realism in the next

Jedi Knight game.


Realism, in terms of the lightsaber combat fighting options.

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I got another idea for the plot of a JK3 game, since toms brought up the idea of "going back in time" since the Remnant vs. Allliance thing has totally played out (Kyle can't keep losing and regaining his powers, Remnant has been crushed so many times, etc.)


How about playing as Rahn? Remember that guy from the first JK? He fought in the Clone Wars and survived the purge... he went into hiding as he ran from Vader, and later Jerec, as he seeked out the location of the Valley of the Jedi over the years. Then he meets Morgan Katarn (Kyle's dad) and learns the location. He eventually confronts Jerec and, well, we all know how that turns out.


Eh? Eh?


You know, I have to admit, I wasn't a real fan of Rahn, but that would be really interesting and different. And your right, Kyle needs to stop losing his powers. And come on, the Remnant just plain sucks......Tavion was kinda hot though.... :cowdance:drop2:


Since I like the idea of a game where you are more free to choose sides, factions etc.. then maybe its a good idea not to be one of the main characters with a prewriten destiny.. but instead be a new character.. but involved in all that stuff back then.


super-dooper good idea. btw, im writing an alternate game script/storyline that so far hasn't gotten any bad comments. i think its gonna be pretty good. check out my 'New Storyline' posts.


and so my post will continue...cause this one is too long!

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I'm thinking of how they would make it more realistic with jedi/sith combating it shouldnt just have an hp bar or offence bar. It should be a combination of somethings. Make it more rpg esc i say.

the force: the force should be the biggest thing of a jedi. the more atuned to the force a jedi is the better the jedi you know. better at battling,blocking,force powers. So lets say they have had a force bar in the past jk series games. the lower the bar the weaker the jedi gets.


Stamina: stamina should play a role when it comes to battling. stamina affects how acrobatic you are. being able to block better the higher the bar is and when its lower the chances you leave openings in your defence and chances you wont block because you are weak.


I think acrobatics should be allowed in games but not to far like in jedi outcast(running on walls, doing a back flip while running up the wall.) you didnt see things likethat in the movies. I think acrobatics should paly a role in the character you play. like yoda for instance he had 2 b a quick mover since he couldnt run well etc. you didnt see the humans being that acroabatic the whole time. Or have a fighitng style system. like how darth maul was etc. or both.


Force powers. I think the games have kind of overdid on force powers. so many things they had. you didnt c a jedi using force powers that much while they were battling. it was more of there lightsaber battles. force powers you saw in the movies were Push, Pull, Speed ,Jump,you saw obi wan blocking lightning and same with yoda, Lighting, Choke, persuasion, you didnt see heal at work in the movies. i would admit with jedi attuned to the force they can heal faster compared to other people. but healing shouldnt be instant. it takes time to heal wounds depending on how bad they are.


I am not suggesting a health bar at all. usually when a lightsaber strikes depending on where or same with a blaster whereever that hits some1 should depend on when you die. multiple hits to the legs ,arms shouldnt kill you at all. so im suggesting depending on where you get hit depends on when you die. maybe when it comes to repeated arm leg shots have a time limit dependign on how many times you get hit in the arms, legs etc to seek medical help. more hits the lower the time limit. dont take bacta within the time limit you die. But when it comes to healing hmm i guess you have to have a hp bar. But if you get hit in certain places you should die( headshots).


They should have weapons in the game for sure not just lightsabers. Usually how it is jedi with lightsabers should block shots in front of them about 100% of the time that is but behind them is another story.


as far as the offense bar, i think you're right. that would present a whole new challenge. so would the death depending on where you get hit. that's just a hell of a lot more realistic. i mean, come on, when you're playing JK and you get sliced w/ a saber in the head (say its a sideways sweep on strong style!), shouldn't your head go rolling off, kinda like Rahn's or some baddies in the movies did? if you don't die, well then WTF MATE?!?!


the stamina thing would be interesting.


as for the acrobatics, im sorta halfway with you. yeah, you gotta admit, it was freakin cool!!! but a little too much, if you know what i mean. like running up walls and then doing a back flip. WTF? who the hell would waste the time to do that? i mean, do you ever do that when you are playing? in SP, its awesome, esp. if you get a vid of it, but its just not that effective (cause the damn reborn and cultists are too stupid to act confused). and in MP, pretty much no one (that i have seen) actually uses it, b/c after the first couple of times, they realize that while most n00bs and even some experienced players (although for different reasons) will be suprised, those other players will probably recover fast and just use a saber throw.


about the force thing, you're right. some jedi/sith just aren't equal. and some are unrealistic (like rage and drain), but they are cool as hell. so i guess they need to keep those in there.


and as for weapons, well, its cool to use a lightsaber, but COME ON, sometimes you really just wanna bust and Indy and whip out that blaster or giant concussion rifle and shoot the crap out of people.


this will continue...

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For single player i'd also prefer if they went to something more non-linear, with more depth, more customisability and more "weight" to it. JK meets Deus Ex if you will.


And less acrobatics and flipkicks can only be a good thing. After all, everyone now knows that the matrix sucked and thankfully all the matrix sigs are long gone..


For MP: Some form of stamina bar would be nice.. a MotS meets Battlefield setup with more "realism" to it. Stamina bars that reduce when you do too much jumping.. accuracy crosshairs that reduce when you run or jump, but improve when you raise your weapon or crouch. All that jazz..


I still thinkthat instead of a health bar they should have a "halo style" blocking bar.. that reduces as you make blocks and increases when you rest.

Block > Quick attack. Quick attack > Heavy attack. Heavy attack > Block.

Any successful hit reduces their block bar. When its depleted then one or two hits kills.


okay, the more in depth story would be great.


but as for the acrobatics, some of them are cool, and some aren't. but i just gotta sy, the only matrix movies or wtvr you meant that sucked was revolution. i understand what you mean, sorta, because why can Neo dodge bullets and jedi can't? because of the way jedi/sith are brought up and the whole seperation from the reality in your head...the neocortex and reflexes stuff...but its still cool. and a bullet travels faster than a SW laser, so that's explainable.


and more MoTS w/ Battlefield like setup would be cool.




I am sorry toms, but I have to still disagree with you strongly on acrobatics downsizing.


Your ideas on reducing the acrobatics will ruin the up coming jedi game combat system.


Reducing the acrobatics will make other players who have enjoyed playing Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy feel like they have been made handicap in their optional tactics in wining a lightsaber combat sitiuation that they have previous had.


If you don't like or have no good skill in wall runing, backfliping off the wall or flipskicks like they had in EP III:ROTS then don't use it, that's why the developers of JO & JKA had as a on/off option with selection Force power level in mutiplayer options.


When the Lucasarts had downsize abilities and cut options in the game Episode III: Revenge of the Sith they ruin the game for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight players.


The abilities they had change and options they had cut was previous options and abilities that was in JO and JKA that is why that game won't so popular as

Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight Academy.


The Options LA cut and abilities they had taken out include:


Mutiplayer that was in JO & JKA

The ability to have the freedom to force jump like in JO & JA

The option of manual blocking like was present in JO & JKA

The ability to throw opponents into pits or off ledges.

The ability to knock the lightsaber out your opponent hand.

The option of lightsaber colors or the ability to choose two lightsabers or the saberstaff.

Online capability!

Customisable player character option!

Acrobatics like wall runing and backflip off the wall and also the option that LA had in JKA the the ability to grap wall and jump up or down it.


So do you understand what have happen to the sucess of Ep III when LA downsize abilities and completely cut previous options that other jedi theme games like Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight Academy have had that made those games so popular.





Also believe they should'nt have no health bar ever again for future next-gan games.


It should be more realisted then that.


okay, windu6, im gonna try not to quote you too much b/c of the size of your posts. but still, DROP IT!!!! dude, its just his opinion. and you don't know every gamer, so don't say it would ruin the experience for others. mayber some people like a challenge! DID YOU THINK OF THAT?!?!


DE-DE-DE!!!!!! YOU'RE SUCH A DE-DE-DE YOU MAKE OTHER DE-DE-DE'S LOOK BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (thats not a slam against actual mentally handicapped people, cause i love them to death, and they are really fun to hang out with. i was talking about other people who just act stupid)


i'd say make the acrobatics only unlockable as you progress, or sumthin like that. think about it.


and dude, like i said, not that many people (that i know of) actually use those in combat. and if they rely that heavily on stuff like that, man, that's just SAD!


oh and to continue with Kurgan's, toms', and others posts on that page(it was Page 8 of this thread), you guys are right. they can't get rid of the guns. it would suck. like i said, sometimes you have to bust an Indy. Plus, blasting the crap out of everybody with guns is just plain fun.


I just think there needs to be something where there are guns that use bullets or projectiles, and not just the hidden tusken rifle. I mean, lasers are nice and all, but who cares about lights that burn your skin when you can have a little piece of metal that can shatter and ricochet, drill a hole in your body, come out and hit other people, maybve change directions two to three times while in your body and still come out(like in Kennedy's death theories), and ultimately cause a whole bunch of blood?


on that note, i will continue this, and in your spare time, check out the Darwin awards...there's a story about this guy who tried to rob a gun store with a colt .45(i think). He actually had to step AROUND a cop car to get in the store!!.....god some people are so stupid....

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Just a note to your Post there Devan Thanks for agreeing with me ;)! Now Multiplayer WIthout weapons besides lightsabers would be no fun like Capture the flag without guns is like boring ruins the concept of the mode. Yes I agree that the force powers are cool etc I even like to use some of them I was just suggesting if they wanted to make it more like how they did the movies Minus some of the stuff.


I dont know if Lucasarts should go to far with some of Windus suggestions like Custimizable characters because it may turn out to be another Academy(jaden Storyline) Custimizable characters would be great for multiplayer of course.



Alot of his suggestions didnt happen real often in the movies:

Knocking lightsaber out of hand( Only happend to Luke I think unless you wanna count sabering hands off)

yes of course some of his suggestions are a must

The ability to have the freedom to force jump like in JO & JA( only times it wasnt in use was early in story mode in Jo and some modes in multiplayer like CTF which just tried to make the mode harder by disabling it

But some of the things he is suggesting dont happen that much but just wants to have them in certain situatioins which there is no problem with that at all in my oppinion.

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I posted this in a new thread on accident!!!sorry new to the forum =)


JK4 facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Issue no. 159 of gameinformer (July 06) page 32 has some interesting facts about the new technology behind the "unannounced, unnamed title (which at the moment is scheduled for 2007)" It's being developed by Pixelux Entertainment, nonscripted sequences. So distruction is not pre-scripted, any breakable object in the game realistically splinters, deforms, or falls apart, i,e, jar jar binks in carbonite. It was a short article but, I think it answers all of our questions. I want it as bad as anyone! I'll prob. have to buy a new cpu just to play the freakin' game!

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I dont know about that windu. Force Crush is just a better Force Grip. having force grip at its full potential may be just the same as a Force Crush
Well they need more cooler Force powers included.

Another new power ability I will like to see, is pyrokinetic.

Of course this will be a darkside power.

I want to be able to create a fire shockwave around me with a higher level of that power.

That will burn everything in a 360* distance depended on the level of Force fireball.


Don't tell this power is not in the movies, so what.

Every Force power idea don't have to be in the movies.

The Force can do anything.

Also it will be a damn cool Force power ability to have.

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Why not just bring Force Destruction back revamped? Im pretty much sure Lightning was choosen other than fire for a variety of reasons.
What is Force Destruction? I am not familiar with that power.

A higher level Force Lightning upgrade will be a good idea.

I want to be able to create a electrostatic expansion wave or a EMP pulse like ability.

That will electrocute any enemy in the wave's range, of course depended on the level of Force Ball Lightning.

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Destruction looked cool in the cutscenes.. but a bit disappointing in game when you finally got the power. the graphics weren't really up to showing it back then.


The only problem with too many force powers tends to be that they are very hard to balance in multiplayer. Mots and JK had more force powers that JO and JA, but they cut a few of them to try and balance it a bit better. (i think).


My fave was always the original JK force throw.

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Okey dokey, i say all the powers that everyone has talked about up to this point should be included. 'cause they all kick ass!


What they should include:

GRIP (ok, how can you have Dark Side **** without Grip? its classic)

DESTRUCTION (meh, so-so)

FORCE CRUSH (okay, i never played KOTOR, but just the cutscenes looked SO TIGHT!!)

LIGHTNING (revamped alittle would be nice, but this is one power they need to be careful with, 'cause too much or too little can be bad)

DRAIN (its pretty cool, but it could be dropped)

FIRE (i didn't really know what to call it, but some kind of Dark Side Force control over elemental fire just sounds wicked. maybe like a fire whip, or a fire blast....)

TELEKENISIS (also featured in the first JK game, this was something that almost nobody used, but if you did it right, its really kickass)


anyway, those are just some of what they should put in. they all sound really kick ass.


oh, and windu, i dont remember if it was you i did the DEDEDE thing to in my last post here, but sorry. i thought it was pretty funny.

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im all for new force powers, but the only problem i have is with any sort of pyrokenisis, especially the way that you guys are refering to it. You technically cant just shoot falmes out of your hands, because if you think about it, what are you igniting and propelling toward the enemy? it would make more sense if you could spontaneously ignite people's clothing, or cook people alive if they're incased in armor. However, If you wanna go for any sort of projectile use, you could for example superheat the air around you, and then propel it toward an enemy, essentially igniting them the same way as mentioned above (at least for an unarmored target). Also, you could technically ignite people if you discharged enough lighning into them (that should be an ability of higher level force lightning)


anyway... that's my 2cents

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As I have pevious posted I will like to see more and realisted looking fighting mechanics.


I want to see parries, saber lock: the real physical mechanics and motion of that, opportunity strikes; like hitting a opponent in the face with the but of the saber hilt.

Unarmed Combat: KOTOR II:The Sith Lords


Jedi fighting forms, that was feature in, "KOTOR II:The Sith Lords" will be a good addition to add to the game.

The combat options and techniques were:


# 1 The seven forms of lightsaber combat


Form I: Shii-Cho

Form II: Makashi

Form III : Soresu

Form IV: Ataro

Form V: Shien / Djem So

Form VI: Niman

Form VII: Juyo


# 2 Other forms of lightsaber combat


Form VIII: Sokan

Form IX: Shien

Form X: Jar'Kai (Niman variant)

Dun möch





The 10 fighting Forms :


Form I: Shii-Cho, like its succeeding forms, includes the following basic techniques and concepts:


* Attack, a set of attacks aimed at different body zones

* Parry, a set of blocks to thwart any attack in the specified body zones

* Body target zones (1, head; 2, left arm; 3, right arm; 4, back; 5, left leg; 6, right leg)

* Training drills called velocities


Form II: Makashi


Is described as being very elegant, powerful, and requiring extreme precision, allowing the user to attack and defend with minimal effort, while his opponent tires himself out. The form relies on parries, thrusts, and small, precise cuts—as opposed to the blocking and slashing of the other forms. The blade manipulation required for this form is very refined and requires much focus.


Form III: Soresu


Form III, the most defensive of all of the forms, was developed to counteract the advancing blaster technology throughout the galaxy. Jedi opponents now mostly wielded blasters. The form utilizes motions occurring very close to the body to achieve near-total protection, efficiently expending as little energy as possible to execute these moves. This technique exposes as little body target zone open areas as is possible, making a well-trained practitioner nearly invincible.


Form IV: Ataro


The master practitioners of Form IV make extensive use of acrobatic maneuvers often thought not physically possible by using the Force to guide their motion.


Form IV practitioners use the Force to aid in their acrobatics. Spinning, jumping and running very high and very fast, masters of Form IV are sometimes only seen as a blur. In order to achieve the acrobatic prowess, amazing reflexes and physical punch of this form, a Jedi Master would focus on the Force, letting it flow deeply throughout his entire physicality, even allowing him to overcome the limitations of old age. Due to its aggressive nature, it is an effective form to use against single enemies; however, it leaves the user open to attacks from multiple opponents; therefore, it is wise to use Ataro in a duel, but not in open warfare. Emotional control is key, as is letting one's emotions fly free.


Form V: Shien / Djem So


Djem So uses physical strength and aggressive moves. that focus blade-to-blade combat.


Shien is better at dealing with blast bolts.



Form VI: Niman


Form VI attempts to balance all elements of lightsaber combat, combining the Forms that came before into a less intensely demanding combat style. The result is that the users' skill in each individual areas of lightsaber combat is only moderate, making Form VI well suited for diplomats and consulars


Form VII: Juyo


Form VII requires intense focus, high levels of skill, and mastery of other forms.


Standard Juyo contains sleek, fast movements with strong strikes.


Intrepid, somewhat direct movements are used in combination with very advanced techniques involving Force-powered jumps and motions.


The staccato swings and flow of the form make it seem as if the attacks are not linked—but in reality, it is merely confusing the opponent.


Form VIII: Sokan


Sokan combined tactics that allowed for evasion and mobility with the kinetic motions of Form IV combat. Sokan involved swift strokes of the lightsaber, which were aimed towards the opponent's vital areas in addition to quick tumbles and movements. Combatants made use of large amounts of terrain, trying to maneuver their opponents into vulnerable areas during the course of battles that involved Sokan techniques.


Form IX: Shien


This variation of Djem-So uniquely involves a Jedi holding the lightsaber horizontally. The Jedi points the end of the blade at the opponent; it is swung in a fast arc while the Jedi punches their saber-hand at their opposing combatant, in a stabbing motion.


Form X: Jar'Kai (Niman variant)


The dual saber Jar'Kai permitted a Jedi to fight with two lightsabers.


One of the blades in the wielder's hands was used for attacking while the other one was used for defending, such as parrying, or for more offensive power.


Other 3 forms of lightsaber combat:


Dun möch Sith fighting technique:


The Sith aimed to completely dominate an opponent's spirit through whatever means possible by employing their own lightsaber combat doctrine. Dun möch commonly involved spoken taunts, jeers, and jests that exposed the opponent's hidden, inner weaknesses and/or doubts. Other variations on dun möch involved usage of the Force to throw large, weighty objects at the Sith's opponent during combat, which both distracts the opponent from the battle and could potentially cause damage.




The Jedi will keep the lightsaber in their grasp, but will keep it turned off. The Jedi will then dodge or defend any attacks using the Force. Some of the more skilled Jedi may launch attacks using the Force in-between sweeps of the opponent's lightsaber. They will then wait until the right moment and swiftly turn the lightsaber on and off, sending the blade through the enemy's body. This will instantly wound or kill the enemy. This technique is difficult to master and to use it the Jedi must be very powerful with the Force.




Mace Windu fighting style!


Vaapad is a "sub-form" of Juyo.


Vaapad focuses the use of the Force and emotion to fuel attacks.

Vaapad borders on the edge of using the dark side, as it channels one's anger and darkness into the attacks.With that said, Vaapad is not just a fighting style.


It is a state of mind and a power.


The state of mind requires that a user of Vaapad allow himself to enjoy the fight. He must give himself over to the thrill of battle, the rush of winning. Vaapad is a path that leads through the penumbra of the dark side.Vaapad is able to take the hatred, anger and rage of the opponent and reflect it back at them.Vapaad gives the user a unique position for fighting dark side users, for when mastered, it allows the user to draw upon the dark side's strength.

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