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Return of K-jo'Round™


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It is back to swallow your soul.

You shall all participate in this activity, and you will like it.


^ Say something about the person above you

< Say something about yourself

V Say something about the person below you


I'll start:


^ God is above me

< Is reopening his trademark thread, with permission from important person(s).

V Is very non-important

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^ shall not be eaten. And if so, then it had nothing to do with my word.


< is still getting used to the new forum. He celebrates it with a K'jo Round which he hasn't done for years and didn't realize K'jolen invented the trademark thread in which he acted like an asshole along with Darth Eggplant and Gendo the Great oh so many years ago. He is a different person now than he was then. The NyQuil he just took is making him feel woozy. He talks about himself at length.


V also talks about his or herself at length. Well he or she better talk about something at length otherwise I will look like an idiot.

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<is glad to see this again and can also read minds (and thought the above person was the bard)

Vis male and is thinking of the number 3425.23 and doesn't download ringtones nor movies, but does obsessively download movie trailers. (told you i could read minds)

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