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Sad day for America


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Guest Guenevere

Originally posted by JR2000Z:

Guys, we could be dead next year. If anything happens to me, I want you guys to know it was a pleasure communicating with you.


Please don't lets start thinking like that....



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Originally posted by Jem:

Damn, I can't yet imagine N.Y, without the WTC...


Don't get me wrong, it's not like I only cared for the buildings I do feel deep grief for all the victims and their families.


Thats VERY understandable Jem, they were landmarks that were suppossed to be there FOREVER, and in a few tragic hours some *******s took them away....



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Really, when I saw those two wonderful building (I really admired them) still standing after such explosion I felt kinda relieved, I said to myself:

"Geez thank God that second plane didn't hit the same tower the other one did or else it would have collapsed"


I thought those towers were gonna survive that they would turn the blazes off, save more people and fix that tower to finally say:

"Look at this, who ever is responsable, look! We built it back it's even better than before and No one will take it away from us, NO ONE so f*ck off!"


But those vision I had went away. When I saw the first building collapse I said to myself that it was still there that it only got some more damaged but sadly no. Then I started to find a kinda unconfortable relief, the one's you feel arn't worth it, due to the fact that the second tower still standed but...well evryone knows what happened...


I was and still am so horrified and shocked watching those great and unique building fall down. I still can't imagine seeing new york without the WTC.


I feel so disgusted even though I'm not American...


Those bastards took a huge bite off the the big apple and someone is going to make them spit it out!<font size=1>



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Lets just hope Bush keeps his bearings and acts rationally...and hopefully we can bring the fudgepacker to justice and not start a war in the process

Oh and Zargon..chill out..it was my fault for believing in the media to give me true info.



"While the word is yet unspoken, you are master of it; when once it is spoken, it is master of you."


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okay, now i dont' know how to do quotes, but one of the comments in this thread really bothers me...


GRRRRRRRRRRRr!!!!!!!!!! it won't let me post the rest of it!! i'm getting very very fed up here........


Edit #2: okay sorry, but the next three posts are all on the same topic, just wouldn't let me do it all at once for some completely anal reason...*grumbles*

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