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Sad day for America


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A lot of things went through my mind that day. I did consider re-enlisting, but it actually occurred to me, on 9/11, that the president would mis-use the righteous anger at his disposal to invade Iraq, even though that country was obviously innocent of the attacks. America was by then dumbed-down enough that we would actually buy it! I had no desire to be a part of that misadventure. I saw, like a horrible daydream, that we would get in way too far because of it and bleed off our nation's resources and willpower...and that someday we would be surrounded by our enemies, and public opinion would be so against what we had done before that we would be almost unable to defend ourselves. At that point other countries begin long range bombing of the US.


Only the latter part hasn't come true yet. YET. :dozey: Look sharp, lads.

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Hell, I don't know. If the Chinese, Russians or whoever decided the world would be better off without the Great Satan's influence, an anonymously delivered* EMP in the upper atmosphere would knock us back a step or two...


* Like a Boeing 777 'cargo' plane bought on the black market, for example.

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I still hate that I was so blinded with rage that condoned the deaths of countless civilians. I suppose the one good thing about this is that I was just thirteen and not older and holding these views.


Also, good Lord, my grammar and argumentative skills were just atrocious.


I really wish we could 'round up everyone in this thread to see what they feel looking back on this.

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