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FoC: The Small Mod


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Tommorow is a day, a day like anyother day but it that day yes .... THE NEW ULTIMATE V2 will (I hope it will) come to your hands...

Also i like to thank for the interest you all put in the project.. after the V2 the FoC will be finaly relased I will get it a moth later :( so after V2.5 I will say goodbye :( .... but now it's time for V2 so .... Friday is the Day of The Mod.


See ya all tommorow :D !

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xhh2a, you cannot build them, you start off with 8 maulers/droidekas in your starting troops, once those are gone you dont get anymore.

Really? I must go back and look at it closely then. Thx.

I second the motion to make Dark Troopers Phase 2 and 3 buildable.(If you can, please and thanks)

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I sorry guys but mission bye bye tutorial goes like ... realy it dosen't go it gives me errors every time .. but maby I will try 3 more time .. in other way

here is a V2 Cnage list:

-Buildable Dark T1,2,3 ; Droidekas ; Phantoms

-Working Planet Maps (only those planets that were in the V2 bet idon't have much time to get it all go, I sombody coud help me with it :)...)

-Working Coruption (Land Tactical Coruption won't work and please don'y use it :) or charsh, expet Mandalore's piracy mission ofcoure)

-E.... hmmm I will try killing the tutorial (it shall feel the wraight of a R2 unit)

-I you wnat somethin that isn't listed here shout!!



I killed the tutorial .. but you need to listen to the firist dialog the one that ends like "Madalores Supreme Strategist..."

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Just Played the V2 Beta- One Word- GREAT.

The Ships were great, and the open endedness was too.

DSII Kicked ass (But I would have prefered it if you could see it all, but I know why you can't (Because when you fired on space stations with the model, the demo froze) Great work, good luck on V2. May the Force (s of corruption) Be With you Artoo!

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