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New temporary beta release.


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Why does ataru and Niman styles look the same as staff and dual styles are they standalone styles are part of Dual and staff.


Because its easier to do it that way. If you want to take a months to code in all new styles and animations with proper hit detections, your welcome to :D Theirs a possibility that we might be able to trade our a few of the swing animations, but we wont do that unless we feel theres a real need.

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That reminds me, hopefully in the future we can add level 2 and 3 for certain styles that won't touch their perks, but simply open up its features; level 1 gets you parry, attack and fake, level 2 gets you riposte, level 3 gets you that style's power attack. That way you can't just buy every style if you want to be good at it, you'll need to fill it up for it to be useful.


We can even create something like "tech tree". In the top there would be for example name shii-cho. Next 3 skills would be defense 1 ofense 1 and something special for every style like deflecting for soresu, attack speed for ataru or damage for djem-so. If you wanted to buy special, you would have to have offense 2 and defense 2. It would need some work but it would be amazing to play with it.

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I don't really buy the whole "not good at bolt deflection" stuff.


Bolt deflection would have to be the primary useage of lightsabers. Sort of saying that a sniper isn't very good at aiming. :)


.... you don't buy it??


Some lightsaber styles are good at certain things and are worse at other things. Makashi bolt deflection is was the draw back of the style..


Despite its effectiveness, Makashi was not without its weaknesses. Among the first of these was the fact that it was somewhat harder to block against blaster fire with this style. Makashi was developed before blasters had become common place in the galaxy, and Form II training taught its practitioners to defend solely against blades.


There was little lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat involved in a Jedi's life, so Jedi Masters found such forms as Makashi impractical. Although many Jedi historians considered Form II to be the ultimate refinement in lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat, it was dropped in favor of Form III combat when blaster weapons became prevalent in the galaxy.


After the clone wars the makashi style died with Count dooku..

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And why would a Jedi Master/Sith lord have trouble deflecting when they know at least two styles? Giving styles different deflecting bonuses would be a plausible argument if we had more difference between them and they cost less than 10 points, seeing as how they don't, it wouldn't be logical to nerf a style's effect when it wouldn't even be noticed; people would just switch to another style.


It would simply be an annoyance.

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people would just switch to another style.


It would simply be an annoyance.

Yeah, that's basically my argument. :)

I think some of you are forgetting who started and who owns this project, never mind that its open source, but I think respect should be given where due
I'M GOD HERE! <evil laugh>


Seriously thou. I don't think they were being disrespectful. They just have different opinions. :)

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Same here. I did a full reinstall of JK3 and then got the version of OJP you posted last night. As Quijohn said, the main menu has no video now, also the loading/connect screen shows up as the default JK3 loading one with two people saber fighting. Also as Quijohn said the styles do show up as "Dual" and "Staff" however I never really used either of those often enough to see if they did that before.


I've never had the saber problem myself probably something to do with how some older videocards do/don't display the different channels in the saber shaft image as png or jpeg.


FYI I opened the enhancedstuff.pk3 and the menu stuff is in a folder called "New Folder" I took the splash/loading screen out and put it in the main directory of the pk3 and that worked, however I don't know how the main menu videos work so i was not able to fix that.


Will post more if I find anything else.

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What?! People are having problems with the new install?! ARGH! Darth said it worked just fine when he tested it. Could it be somethign wrong with the way people are installing it? If not we need to fix this problem fast. I may not be around for a few hours though. :( And no this release was meant to be older code around just after 0.1.1, not the newest available. I only relased it because we needed a bugfree version avaible.

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Argh I'm going to watch Rambo 4 tonight, so I may not be able to commit the files to Hocks, Max or Darth tonight. I'll try to anyway.

While we're on the subject. Someone needs to go thru the repository and compress all the .tga files to the approprate .png or .jpeg file formats.


.tga isn't compressed and it results a much later file sizes. :(

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Announcing another tempbeta release of the world's bestestest JKA mod!



-Aside from bug fixes, people can now use their jetpack to glide over the ground for a small amount less fuel. Seekers should now also be doing only mishap damage and no DP damage.


-Almost every weapon has new effects, try out the rocket explosion :eek:

I'm not pleased about the jetpack's effects, but I'll leave them like that until we can all figure out what to do with it together. T-21 needs to get single projectile fire soon.


-Every style is now different from the other. Djem-so for example has the fastest combo-ability but has longer windups and cooldowns. Blue comes out of bounces the fastest while having relatively slow attacks, Juyo has the shortest windups and cooldowns and has a special feature that'll you notice when you combo someone; there's a small pause after every succesful combo that'll help you make combos more confusing by allowing you to have more time to switch sides. Some sides switch faster than others, experiment!

Makashi has an edge over almost every other style when it comes to saber dueling, and its bounce returns are pretty fast.


-Almost every style has undergone some smoothness changes as you'll notice ingame, the styles (especially Juyo and Makashi) should be a hell of a bit smoother than they were previously. Incase someone doesn't like the changes, I commented everything I did and left the formulas I used for calculations :)


-Bajillion small anim changes like getting knocked down or pushed.


-Almost forgot: in the process of adding new attacks to Dual/Ataru to make it more useful, currently have two added (Right and diagonal left) and I think they spice up both saber combat and its looks. Try it and tell me what you think.


There's probably a lot more that I'm forgetting but who cares! Get this now you son's 'a bishes.






For screenshots check out the first 12 pics in my photobucket album:





Rofl, the link says "C" "U" "N" "T" where the asterisks are. It's being blocked by the LF wordfilter, just add it yourself or check out the OJP website for the link.


Known bugs:

-Sometimes bowcaster shots can be observed through walls, no idea why this is but I think it's cleared.. not entirely sure though.

-Jetpack upwards velocity is very high. Darthdie fixed this but is having computer trouble so I don't want him to go through the painstaking process of compilation :(

-Shii Cho might be a bit overpowered in comparison to the other styles, let me know.


Oh yeah, almost forgot, check out our new webspace:



Full article:




Thank JaSK :)

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