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4 Elements Robe Skin


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hi everyone Darth~Revan here and is requesting an skin mod from someone great to create...(hey that rhymed lol)


it has to do with the elements; Fire, Water, Earth, and Air


there is a mod in Filefront called "Elemental Robes" but its not quite what i want.


I want robes to look like fire, earth, water, and air.....but cool color.

and i kno i cant be picky, but i am a Visionary.lol




Fire Robe=resistant to fire/20%+++++defense 15


Air Robe=resistant to knockdown/20%++++++defense 10


Earth Robe=resistant to energy/20%+++++++defense10


Water Robe=resistant to ice/20%++++++++defense 15





===========Skin Color===============


Fire Robe= outer robe black/ inner robe dark red


Earth Robe=outer robe green/inner robe olive green


Water Robe=outer robe blue/ inner robe white


Air robe= outer robe redish orange/inner robe orange




=============Robe emblem==============


on the back of each robe i want an emblem....


++++++++++++Fire Robe+++++++++



++++++++++++Earth Robe+++++++++++



++++++++++++Water robe+++++++++++



+++++++++Air Robe++++++++++++






Plz make it happen everyone who eva can make really good skins, its for a video project and i want it to be pretty good.


my credit will go to whoeva creates it.




thank you and im out.............(For now)







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I am currently working on a mod called "The Elementals" where you are chased by bounty Hunters with weapons and robes coresponding to their element. There are 8 elements. Therefor, 8 robes, and 8 swords.

Those 4 are in there, as well as:





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i cant make my own cuz i get a "windows application error"


i cant use KOTOR tool.


this is what the error says......



"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application."


Did you get Microsoft .NET V1.1?

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The reason the people here are trying to get you to use KotOR Tool and making the mod yourself is the only way to ensure that there is a 100% probability of getting the mod made.


If you read the documentation for the KotOR Tool, read the tutorials and try this mod yourself, you'll be able to make a mod that it more to your specifications.

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darth~revan is this by chance an avatar mod?


well yes....i dont much like avatar but i love there symbols and i love elements


You can download Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1 here.;)


i shall try.....


Edit: dang it doesnt work..........still..

i downloaded it but it says "patcher cannot be installed, program terminated."

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