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Is it possible?


Have you ever been bestfriends with a girl, but you were not attracted to her?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever been bestfriends with a girl, but you were not attracted to her?

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The Only Women I've had "Friendships" with were Past, current or future Partners. All my friends are male, work, sports, drinking, gaming buddies etc.


To be honest I only seem to speak to women at work, and when I meet them at clubs, bars etc.


I didn't grow up with Girls as friends though so I suppose that effects the type of situations and consequences that occur when I socialize with them?


so no I've never been good friends with a women, But its not impossible.

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:lol: I hope you don't know that from first-hand experience :p


Kind of, on 2 occasions actually - First I was rather legless and I did say it but it were to a friend and I was joking.


Second I was again paralytic and did mean it this time but it was a variation - 'Blast on to me girl have you got a spanner handy cause my nuts have tightened' for some reason she walked off... didn't really like her anyway.


When I look back I have done and said some stupid things when I was younger, both when drunk and sober.



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Women, don't find it strange when your male friend suddenly disappears after years of "undying friendship". They are busy on other meadows, trying to get new apples after so much time starving.


I've got four people I consider as best friends. One of them is a gal. Yes. And I would totally do her if the opportunity arises, actually. We just seem to be engaged when the other is free.


And because every material has to be backed up:

Clearly I need to bring out the Ladder Theory.


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My bestfriend of my entire life so far was female, along with another. I have a past issue where I am a little wary of other males as friends. I'm completly heterosexual though, but most people think I'm not until they find out how much Hetero I can be. (Long funny story.).


Honestly, I think having a best friend as a guy would be really weird, and I'd be wondering if he was like one of my "previous" male best friends, who ended up being gay and... well, suffice to say, I haven't had a male best friend since I took him to court.


Once though, one of my female bestfriends ended up liking me, and I went along with it, developed an attachment to her, then when the relationship ended I lost her as a friend. (smack) I shouldn't have let things go so far, I looked up to her as a person.

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