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Nintendo Press Conference... and weirdness.


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OK, Jeff and I were given the wrong directions by the convention and we wasted $50 on a taxi ride to nowhere. When we finally got back and we were corrected by the -other- info staff, we arrived at the Nintendo Press meeting in the middle.


We were told that all we truly missed was a new Super Mario Bros for the Wii, and the next Wii Fit (which I don't think anyone here gives a damn about).


We came in at the introduction of third party games and most of them were underwhelming so I'll cut to the good stuff:


New Super Mario Bros.

New Mario Vs. Donkey Kong on the DSI, download only on June 8th.


FlipNoteStudio was announced, which is a frame by frame drawing board to make flip-frame animations and send them to friends.


The DSI will also soon uplink to facebook and allow you to upload pictures taken on the DSI directly to your facebook.


Warioware DYI (Do It Yourself), a new customizable game for the DSI. Create games from scratch, and play them out or send them to friends. Similar to littlebigplanet. Nintendo claims it is the easiest game to create new games in.



People who never play games, will never play games.


There are 3 types of gamers:





Nintendo wants to focus on the maybes in their marketing and game making. The reasoning behind this was actually pretty interesting:


295 million people play video games in the US and Japan combined. 149 maybes in the world, and Nintendo wants to get them into gaming.


By bringing more people into games, you get a better picture of games by society, and thus more freedom to create, share, and play games and overall benefiting the market.


They said that they did not want to cut out the hardcore crowd, so they pointed to these games for the Wii:


The Conduit

Dead Space: Extraction

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles.


Nintendo also announced 2 major games:


Super Mario Galaxy 2. More about this game later, as I will hopefully play it on the showfloor tomorrow. Set for 2010.


Metroid: Other M, which is being developed by Team Ninja. The cinematic was amazing. Also, Samus talks in this game and that is all I need to know to start playing this. Set for 2010.




The Wii Vitality Sensor!






Now, stare in amazement.


The end. That was Nintendo this year. That is it. Other than the new Metroid (half because it looks awesome and half because I have an e-crush on samus), this was about as disappointing as the Sony conference.


But, then again, the Wii Vitality Sensor.

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I was pretty disappointed with the Nintendo conference... the only thing they surprised me with was Metroid: Other M.


I heard runours that Nintendo and Team Ninja was teaming up for something, but who knew it was for a new Metroid.


Everything else? Meh, it was either predictable/expected or been done before but not specifically in the way they showed it done.


Of course, people who remember past E3's will know that Nintendo doesn't stop the announcements when their press conference ends. They'll probably have one more game announcement during the event. Though I still don't expect anything that huge or different.

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Same. My initial interest in the Wii was fairly big, luckily, today I can say I never bought a Wii.
How are you lucky to not own a Wii? Would it cause you physical harm to own one? Actually it might... just hold on tight to the remote. Anyway, granted the Wii is not my favorite console, but it still has some kick ass games that you will unluckily miss out on. No More Heroes, MadWorld, Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and also the Virtual Console is retro gaming gold. Sure I'm probably taking what you said a bit too literally, but I don't see how you can be lucky to not own any system.


Anyway, on topic, Nintedo's Presser did pretty much disappoint me, but some solid games came out of it, Golden Sun DS wins Game of E3 for me, but I'm biased.

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Lucky, in the sense that I didn't spend any money on a console, which was going to end up on the attic after a month or two. Most of those games you mention don't interest me.


So yeah, that's 250 bucks I got to spend on binge drinking instead.

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