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I just got relocated at work to a new desk - I don't mind it so much because I have plenty of space and it's quieter here than the previous desk.


One downside, or at least I thought it was a downside, is the constant humming from the air-conditioning unit. You can really only hear it in a 20-foot radius, and my desk is right underneath it. It bothered me at first, really until I noticed that the humming sounds like the theme to TSL. It's the low-bass part - I'd hum it for you if I could - but it sounds just like it. So instead of being bothered by it I play the rest of the song that surrounds the bass in my head while I listen to the humming from the A/C.

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Get some earplugs. They mute stuff like that but you can still hear the phone, talking etc.


I often pop them in if I want to sleep in and the washer/dryer/dishwasher is going, or a neighbour is cutting the lawn etc :p


Of course, in your context it might look a bit weird :p Maybe you could find where the cliate controls are and wind the fan down a bit. Otherwise, there are two likely scenarios here:


*you'll get used to it

*it will drive you crazy and you will go on a naked rampage through the office with your tie wrapped around your head as a Rambo-esque headband



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