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KOTOR Weaponry Improvement Project v1.0

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After much time and effort, I am proud to present:



Knights of the Old Republic


TITLE: KOTOR Weaponry Improvement Project v1.0

AUTHOR: Lord of Hunger, Team Hssiss, Drunkside, and DarthParametric

Contact: PM at LucasForums.com or teamhssiss.proboards.com.





1) Copy the files in the folders and put them in your override.

2) Play.

3) Enjoy!


If you want to uninstall, just remove the files in your override. If you don't have an override, install the most recent

patch or create a folder called "override" in the KOTOR directory. Since no .2da files were edited, installation should

be a piece of cake.





Have you noticed how a lot of the weapons in the game are slightly different variations of some of the basic

weapons like the blaster pistol or the vibrosword? Not only is this somewhat repetitious, but a lot of the models are very

low poly. When Weapons of the Old Republic came along, I was very happy to see some unique weapons in the game, but I didn't

feel like it was...enough. With the party members and main characters you had these really awesome looking weapons, and then

you had all these boring generic weapons. Bioware made an awesome game, but I think that there is a lot to be improved and

this is one area.


Now since I am still learning how to mod and I mostly do storyline consulting for Team Hssiss, I essentially decided to ask

the members of the LucasForums community if they would be willing to provide me with unique models, skins, and icons for

the weapons in KOTOR that I could put together as a big improvement mod. Miraculously, some very talented modders said yes.


Due to real life obligations, progress on this mod has been delayed. However, we have produced several brilliant items. Drunkside

has created replacements for the Echani Foil, Yusanis' Brand, and Naga Sadow's Poison Blade. DarthParametric remodeled and skinned the

generic blaster rifle and generic blaster pistol. Finally, Canderis, TriggerGod, and DarthParametric teamed up to replace the generic lightsaber

models (single, double, and short) with hilts that look less like ye olde metal tubes.


This project is on-going, and when completed we hope to do the same thing for TSL, which uses a lot of the same weapons. No

.uti files were edited, so the stats remain the same. This mod is about improving the appearance of in-game weapons so that

people will be more willing to use them rather than adding really-well made weapons that sometimes disrupt the balance of the

game's difficulty.





Echani Foil by Drunkside

Yusanis' Brand by Drunkside

Naga Sadow's Poison Blade by Drunkside

Blaster Rifle by DarthParametric

Blaster Pistol by DarthParametric

Single-Bladed Saber by Canderis and TriggerGod

Double-Bladed Saber/"Helix" by DarthParametric, Canderis, and TriggerGod





As seen in the screenshots, the Darth Revan armor doesn't handle the hilt on single blade models correctly. To my knowledge,

this only occurs with the Darth Revan armor and the same problem exists with other weapons.


Otherwise none. The only mods that I can think of that would be incompatible with this one are those that modify the same






Suggestions? Critism? Insults? We want hear it all! PM me at Lucasforums.com or teamhssiss.proboards.com.





Drunkside, Canderis, TriggerGod, and DarthParametric, for their models and their patience.

Yatsuke, for his soon to be completed models.

Myself, for organizing this mod and for the saber icons.

The creators of WOTOR, for the inspiration.

LucasForums, for hosting this project, and the community of LucasForums, for their support.

KOTORFiles (Shem, Marius, and the rest), for supporting and expanding our community.

Fred Tetra, for the KOTOR Tool. We can never thank you enough.

LucasArts, Bioware, and Obsidian, for creating one of the most awesome game/fiction series ever.





You may use NOT use this modification (or aspects of this modification) in other mods or distribute it/them Without

my premission or that of the contributors. Contact me or the contributors if you want it.






Image Gallery: teamhssiss.webs.com/kwip.htm


KFiles Link: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/KOTOR_Weaponry_Improvement_Project;103817

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Thanks Jonathan7! Wow, really glad to finally KWIP available on KFiles.


Let the downloading commence. :D


For everyone's information, future versions of this mod will be released in time. The next release will include (though not limited to) a complete replacement set for the Krath weapons by Yatsookey/Yatsuke and several unique lightsaber hilts by Canderis.


Enjoy. ;)

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