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Seeing KotOR 1 in a new light.


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I personally liked the Carth character. He seemed sensitive and pretty cool. A soldier who has spent too much time on the battlefield and lost too many people close to him.


Bastila bugs me at times but more often then not I simply choose to turn evil and dominate her.


HK: Brilliant. (Need I say more?)


T3: WTF. (Need I say more?)


Jolee: One of my favorite characters. he's just so d@mn cool.


Canderous: Pretty cool, but I liked him better in TSL as Mandelore. I tend to ignore him in K1.


Juhani: As someone before me said 'Russian cat lady's are hot.' I just wish that she had a better model and texture set, and perhaps a tail. I honestly don't usually mess with her backstory, might change that one of these play-throughs though.


Mission: Sexy Twilek girl. Kinda fun to have in the party. Darkside = want to own her. Lightside = Feel fatherly or motherly towards her. 'nough said. (I use a mod that adds some dialog that makes her 19. It makes me feel better about myself.)


Zaalbar: Ugh. Needs more lines and a better story. I never use him.


Trask: Actually, I'd really like to see more of Trask. he was kind of a fun character but he died so darned quickly.

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In my opinion the best/funniest dialogs are Jolee's, HK's and Mission's.



Jolee and HK are the best characters in the whole game and they crack me up almost every single time they talk, but Mission? Maybe i just don't remember but i don't think she's that funny.

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So I've completed my first play-through in probably a year or so, and I found all of the characters to be engaging and interesting in their own way; except for Juhani and Teethree. I found the way Juhani relates her back story to be nothing but an annoying rant. The story itself was good, it was just told through gritted teeth. As for Teethree, while he's a great little droid, he just doesn't have enough screen time during dialogue scenes. I even used him to escape the Leviathan for the first time, and it was by far the most boring way to do it. (He was the only one I hadn't used yet.) Otherwise, I really think all of the companions added significantly to the game, and I plan on completing all their quests every playthrough from here on out. Now for the synopsis.


Carth: Solid guy with an unresolved past. Not whiny, just very personal. I hope he and Dustil become best friends.


Mission: She has one big attitude and heart to match. Too bad her brother is a coreslime. Quick tongue, too.


Zaalbar: Mission said it best: "He's the strong silent type, if you hadn't noticed." Honorable Wookie, I see greatness in his future. Hopefully Revan doesn't take him back into unknown space when he goes.


Bastila: Young Jedi in need of a few failures in order to mature. She does that, and as the game progresses, she continually becomes more humble and more likeable.


T3-M4: Best slicer in the galaxy! Not to shabby in a firefight, either. Droid shield disruptors work amazingly well against the Sith Governor, btw.


Canderous: Tough as nails merc, with lots of military experience. Pretty solid tactician, from what he tells you. Goes soft toward the end of the game, but maybe with a new purpose he'll put his grit back to good use.


Juhani: Angst, angst, and more angst! It's a wonder she didn't turn back to the dark side!!


HK-47: Amiable lover of all sentient organics. After all, without him you can't peacefully resolve the Sand People event. ;)


Jolee Bindo: Crazy old kook with unique view of the force. Rambles in wizened parables a lot, I like him. Too bad about poor Nayama. Andor, too, for that matter.

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