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Deus Ex: Human Revolution


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- Hacking higher levels is a bit of a nuisance. I wish it were something you could control more than something heavily dependent on chance, but I suppose that's what all the augs are for. I'm investing heavily in hacking augs.


Indeed. Either it's my usual luck or the chances of successfully hacking a node is actually a lot lower than the displayed percentage indicates. Very few hacks when security didn't trigger. I loaded up on every Nuke and Stop virus I could get my hands on for that. :)


- The low resistance for health is beautiful. It's even better than the original IMO because now you can't be a bullet-resistant tank that then heals in an instant in the middle of a firefight. Yes you fools, health regeneration was the better choice. :xp:


There is direct healing in the forms of the stim sprays and painkiller pills, but they're somewhat rare and take up lots of inventory space. A fairly decent compromise for emergency situations.


- I like that the cover system is totally optional and more like an easy-mode version for newbie players. After trying it out at the beginning I've completely forgotten about it. (Well, not completely, I suppose)


I mostly use the cover system for sneaking and looking around corners since it's a bit easier to see if enemies have line of sight to you in third person mode. Since I did a non-lethal playthrough using only non-lethal takedowns, the stun gun and the tranquilizer rifle (even took down Yelena Fedorova and Jaron Namir non-lethally) shooting from cover isn't much use since it's clumsy trying to snipe with the tranq rifle that way.


I guess it's that there's too few situations where you're really at wit's end as to how to get through a certain obstacle. I had such a moment only once in this game, and that too because I've been focusing on being non-lethal.


Maybe the game is too good at keeping you from getting stuck? :) Can be a difficult balance, keeping players from becoming frustrated while still maintaining a challenge.


The situation I had the most trouble with going non-lethally was saving Malik from the Belltower ambush. Took a few reloads before I managed to non-lethally take down all the grunts before they killed her. :)

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There are no philosophical debates in the game apart from the usual pro/anti-augmentation stuff. This makes me sad. :( One of the things that makes Deus Ex special is the sudden philosophical discussion you can have with a bartender in Hong Kong who ends up referencing Olaf Stapledon's Last and First Men. None of that to be had here.


I like that each of the eBooks in the game is unique, which is a step up from Deus Ex, even; but there's no Chesterton or Shakespeare to be found here. No debates on the sociology, technology and so on. Just augmentation, augmentation and augmentation everywhere you look.


I did ask Eidos Montreal what themes other than bio-augmentation they were going to include in the game and they included my question in one of the ask Jean-Francois segments, but ended up dodging my question, which ended up mostly unanswered.


They also got my name wrong and only apologised in the YouTube info place. >:/

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I'm disappointed because they got a lot of other stuff right. The city hubs are vast, the eBooks are all unique, there's lots of unabridged scientific and medical mumbo-jumbo to read, just a lot of stuff that goes back to Deus Ex, and philosophical discussions feels just left out. The conversations with the NSF prisoner, the Hong Kong bartender, Morpheus, etc. aren't there in this game. They're necessary because they create a very real atmosphere for the world. Here you just get bombarded with information like any other RPG.

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Eliza being an AI came as no surprise. I've been speculating ever since her name was revealed that she was one, even predicted that she'll appear as a hologram in room 404 (lol get it, 404? lulz) - she looked too perfect, had a global reach and most importantly, was named Eliza. Too many references spoil the broth. ;)

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I seriously hope it's not a full separate purchase for those of us who already own the game. A direct upgrade would be generous, but I'd be fine with buying the 'game' as DLC to upgrade it. Partly because having to spend that much money would be silly and partly because I don't want two entries sitting in my library (I'm looking at you Company of Heroes).

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