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Lucas himself admitted pretty explicitly in an interview conducted by Christopher Nolan that he knew nothing of story and didn't even like the idea of storytelling in cinema because he felt that it was cinema trying to be other mediums when the forte of cinema was its visuals. (video of that interview is the first one on the slide show at the bottom of the page)


It's too late now, but what Lucas always needed in his career was another Kershner type figure to work with who could temper his visual storytelling with their character storytelling.

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I'm pretty sure it's real, or at least has some basis in reality anyway. I think there are a number of reasons why Lucas wouldn't like ESB. Aside from the opening Hoth sequence, ESB is really low on action compared to the other 5 films. It's far more character focused, which really isn't Lucas's thing. Plus the whole Kirsh thing (which is probably the only reason it worked out - imagine Lucas directing....). Of course later on he did attempt to bring it more in line with his vision for the series:



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