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The Million Dollar Game Collection


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That's just one photo they showed in the article. Did you check out the ebay listing?

The first thing I did was check the eBay listning which is why I said what I said.



Pics or it didn't happen.

Challenge accepted...


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The second rack was duplicated in the second shot and ignore the books and the Macross toy boxes on the top shelf of the last pic... In the second pic I have a mess of DVDs on the floor (and some socks, don't judge me) but the majority of my DVDs are in another room. Basically a few years ago, all of those racks were packed to the brim with nothing but DVDs, I kept my vidya elsewhere and I hadn't started collecting Blu-rays until I got a PS3. The vidya and BD's take up the first two racks and the top two and a half shelves of the third rack. That is the amount of DVDs I have in another room in the house but I can't get to it right now cause this house in the middle of renovations so the room in question is being used as storage for other stuff atm.


I know it's probably not EXACTLY the amount of stuff he has, but the point I was making is that all the stuff I have is worth tens of thousands of dollars and takes up a lot of room, so in terms of quantity, the dudes collection doesn't look like a million dollars worth to me, but like I said, for a collector's purpose, that's a million bucks worth. I'm not a collector though, despite how much crap I have.

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