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Sith Followers


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Oooh complimentary star-destroyer! :emodanc: *puts flame decals on new ship* :shads2: Yes I beleive that evil really is a point of view and the sith bring up many good points about the hypocracy of the Republic and the Jedi.


And no I'm not only here for the star-destroyer!:D U just envy my flame decals.:xp: (jk)... The Sith acadamy is my favorite part of the game b/c I just feel more at home there, at least with the rules and principles. The jedi always seemed too passive for me. I dont agree with all of the sith teachings like the Social Darwinism in the organization.

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hmmm ... Ok I think I can work that out. Rise Darth Totenkopf. lol


High on Pie@ Yeah ... Me too ... I like more Korriban than any other planet in Kotor I ... In K2 ... it was alittle more boring ... but still nice.

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