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SCUMM Info Extractor


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SCUMM games contain the interpreter (the exe file) and the resource files (the game data).


To find the version info for the interpreter you run the game (in dosbox these days) with an invalid command line parameter like /? and it'll output the version of the interpreter and its build date

Interpreter Verson 5.2.02 (Nov 21 1991 08:35:15)
Unknown flag: '/?'


The game data also has version info that you can access by pressing ctrl+v ingame.



For years we've had text files with lists of different interpreter versions but not the version info from the scripts. For the 3 of us who care about things like this its a pain to gather the different information. I've made a program that automatically extracts the version information from a folder of SCUMM games, puts it in a grid and lets you export it to a spreadsheet.


For the interpreters only the Dos and Windows versions are parsed but for the game scripts its platform-agnostic and has been tested with Amiga, Atari, FM-Towns and Mac games.


Download it here.


Here is my list of version information. One oddity I've noticed from the game scripts is that the DOTT demo is named in the game scripts as "Day of the Tentacle BBS Contest DEMO". Anyone know anything about any contest for DOTT?

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For posterity I am answering my own question, there was indeed a BBS contest demo. Its the non-interactive demo that we already have. That demo that we have is unpacked, the original was in an installer file and came with README.TXT and CONTEST.TXT that explain the competition.

Here they are:



Thanks for downloading the Day of the Tentacle demo. This demo has
voice and music for those of you with a Sound Blaster or SB compatible. 
Adlib users will be able to hear the music only.

To run the demo just type "install". Follow the onscreen instructions
You will need 535k free memory. A small help file is available by 
typing dottdemo help.

Be sure to enter our demo related contest for a chance to win this 
zany new game.



APRIL 15, 1993

"Read my suction cup . . . no more taxes!"

Are you forking hard earned cash over to Uncle Sam? Elect Purple Tentacle 
ruler of the world, and never pay taxes again.  After all, when tentacles come 
into power and humans are kept as pets, you'll never have to file another 
1040 form (of course, you'll also be forced to sleep in a cage and do stupid pet 
tricks at human shows).

Is this the warped ranting of a crazed, power-hungry politico?  NO!  It's the 
warped ranting of LucasArts Entertainment Company announcing its newest 
game, Day of the Tentacleª.  This sequel to Maniac Mansion¨ is a wacky, 
interactive cartoon comedy in which you must stop tentacles from taking 
over the world.  Controlling three off-the-wall kids (who wind up in three 
different time periods), you scramble to turn back time and prevent tentacle 

The IBM CD-ROM "Enhanced Edition" featuring the voices of professional 
actors throughout the game and the IBM disk-based version with a "talkie" 
introduction will be available this summer.

CURIOUS??? Take a look at the Day of the Tentacle demo.  

Want to GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING when the government is 
sucking every penny out of you?  Enter the Day of the Tentacle drawing and 
qualify to win a FREE Day of the Tentacle game.  Here are the details:

Answer the following three questions about the Day of the Tentacle 
demo correctly, and qualify for a drawing to win a free game:

1)  Tentacles come in TWO designer colors.  What are they?

2)  Drinking toxic waste can make you . . . 
(a) Greener, more radioactive, 
(b) Smarter, more aggressive, 
(c) Deader, more inactive

3)  Green Tentacle asks for what from Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie?  
(a) help, 
(b) money, 
(c) respect

Mail your answers, along with your name, address and phone number 

Green Tentacle, 
P.O. Box 10307, 
San Rafael, CA, 94912.  

No calls will be accepted.  Deadline for entering is June 1, 1993.  


The drawing will run for 8 weeks, so you have 8 chances to win a free 
game (LucasArts will accumulate entries until the end of the contest).  
Winners will receive their games 3 to 4 weeks after the product's 
release this summer.  Green Tentacle will contact winners by mail.

ALL entrants will get a FREE Day of the Tentacle hint book and FREE 
shipping and handling WITH purchase of Day of the Tentacle  
($59.95 for floppy or CD-ROM version) DIRECT from LucasArts.  You 
can do this two ways:

1)  Send a check for $59.95 with your contest entry, and specify 
which format you want ("CD" or "floppy").  LucasArts will pre-
order the game for you, and send it to you with a free hintbook 
and no shipping or handling charge.  REMEMBER -- the game 
releases this summer, and you can expect to receive it in the 
mail 3 to 4 weeks after it releases.  OR,

2)  Call 1-800-STARWARS 1 to 2 weeks after you enter the 
drawing (gives LucasArts time to process your entry), and let 
LucasArts know you entered the Day of the Tentacle contest.  
Pre-order the game with your Visa or Mastercard, and when it 
comes in we'll send it to you with a free hint book and no 
shipping or handling charge.

If you win a free game after you send LucasArts a check, we'll refund 
your money or not charge your credit card.

IMPORTANT:  To receive the free hint book and free shipping and 
handling, you must order the game by August 1, 1993. 

TAKE NOTE:  No purchase necessary to enter.  Only one entry per person, 
please.  Winners consent to the use of the their name for promotional 
purposes.  LucasArts Entertainment Company is not responsible for lost or 
misguided entries.  Illegible entries will be disqualified.  Employees of 
LucasArts Entertainment Company, Lucas Digital Ltd. and Lucasfilm Ltd. and 
their families are not eligible to enter.


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