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JK2 Superclan


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Originally posted by Kodaichi Kuno

So here's my two cents, or would that be two pennies?

Who cares?


Now then - eliteists - common phrase, usually refering to a 14 year old snot nosed brat who stays up until 5 am hitting that deadly sight button, giggling all night long in his pokemon pyjamas.


The whole clan thing sucked anyway. So you get a prefix, get loads of other pre-pubescent brats to do the same and start a zone table called "Elite tryouts". Whoop de doo.


Yeah so I've been in clans too, but we actually did something for the members - training (it's all about the padawans!). Tournaments that worked and awards that actually happened.


WD now have a name in the zone,well done! I'm sure the fact that most decent JK players moved onto other things didn't have anything to do with your rise to fame (snort).


Not that any of you could put up a good challenge, you belong back with all those FF7 and FF8 garden clans out there. LOL on your homestead pages.


Atleast DSBr Sith lord and so forth gave me a good fight when I needed one.

But you're Eliteists right?

I agree with you Torment, that a more community based Multiplayer system would be better. Being able to see familiar names running around on the zone was all good, and taking them on again and again to see who had improved was all good too.


But check it out - when you start playing Outcast, guess what, all those young innocent movie star wannabies who wanna get their kicks from being a Jedi and don't have a clue, who all piled into Nar Shaddar on zone - will be the same as you.




So get over it.


Letalis and Poopypants, you've got the right idea. :cool:


Malice, you crack me up. Can I join? :D


See you all on JO.


Kodaichi Kuno


Formally Lev_Kelly



I AGREE were all gunna be newbs at the game so i dont c how u can make a superclan ne ways therell be lotsa other clansout there strying the same thing

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I've been keeping quite laughing at you people for some time. You talk about the elite community as though you actually know something, but if you knew anything you would know that this topic is pointless. It is pointless because WD_NiGhTMaReZ (the guy who first thought up the idea) left WD and formed dp. This (among other things) made the superclan idea go away. To be honest, it was never anything more then an idea that some of us were toying with.


I find it amusing and sad that so many people "put thier 2 cents in" on a topic that didn't concern them and they knew nothing about.

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I find it amusing and sad that so many people "put thier 2 cents in" on a topic that didn't concern them and they knew nothing about.


If this doesn't concern 'people,' then why post the topic in a forum that is open for anyone in the JediKnightII community?

By posting the topic, you're just inviting comment. By definition.


You can't just post an ad for your own clan forum here on jkii.net and expect no comments from forumgoers.

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