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Mojo what?..................


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Mojo is a LucasArts news site sort of like LucasGames, but we host most of our sites internally (all of them are something.mixnmojo.com with a couple exceptions like Scumm Bar and Grim Fandango Network). We're more about the Adventure/original-franchise side of LucasArts than the Star Wars side, though we've been known to cover SW stuff too.

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What do you mean??


But I'm guessing:


What: Mojo is a purple LucasArts fan site, that reports news on all Lucas companies.


Who: Ran by Spaff and Jake and DJG (Who is the Programmer), has a wide variety of News updaters including me El Pollo Diablo


Why: To deliver the fans with news about Lucas projects.




Hope that clears it up?

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