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Mojo what?..................


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Originally posted by Haggis


Haha! Did he ask you? Anyway, good to see you here, Dalixam. When will the new WMI be finished (and the forums)?


No, but since it's taken from my site, I felt I had the right to answer :p


WMI will be updated with lots of new stuff (among them an improved design) as soon as Mixnmojo lets me ;) The forums will be back at the same time. Good to see you!

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"Who: Ran by Spaff and Jake, with help from DJG (Programmer), has a wide variety of News updaters including me El Pollo Diablo "


DJG runs it as much as me and jake.. dont go letting him see that post :)


erm - you can set your own avatar in the user control panel linked to at the Top :)


i made lemonheads.. but i'll make it better one day.

now to replace el pollo diablo's while he's not looking

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*Try's to think of something else to say to not make this spam post*


Oh and those new avants that have been uploaded are very good, I was temped to use one instead of mine but then I remebered that anyone could use them and this one makes me stand out more from the crowd.


Do you think I should try and change my main sig pic as well of just leave it? (I was thinking of giving murray a hat.)

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Originally posted by GUNNER

Sounds like I'm missing out on some big time action. ;)


What other game offers grog, a snippy cabana boy, tofu, slingshot shaped cacti, voodoo, undead pirates and 3-headed monkeys? Play them, you're missing out.

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