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Plo Koon Model!

ET Warrior

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naw its that you had needed 1 more forward slash "/" after http:


np glad i can please an important and talented man like you misterpunch

/bows his head

"I'm not worthy I'm not worthy!"


I think i may pass out when i see the whole body of plo koon skinned heh

But I'm sure i wont be the only person ;)

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Do you normally get monsoons in Arizona or was that just the work of the Dark Lord of the Sith?


Great job so far!

I don't think this has been brought up... so I'll do it and get this thread back on page 1 where it so rightfully deserves to be :D


Obviously your sculpting skills are great. *applause* (ZERO sarcasm implied!!) How do you think the weighting will go, and what are you shooting for with the "flow" of the robe? How do you expect it move?


Also, I've just recently been to Florida, and apparently there are a large amount of people down there that did not realize that they could have voted for "Old Ben" Kenobi on your "Next Model Poll".

If you go buy the numbers that I've seen on all the network TV news shows, "Old Ben" should have won by 6 votes. That's more votes than all of Rhode Island contributed to the poll. Just thought I'd share this info with you all. :gben:





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I've just been looking at the posts over at Kinja's other thread; Yoda Model, and it got me thinking that I should let you folks know how thankful I am that you are being so patient with me.


Here's a small update, nothing big.


Crunch time is quickly coming to an end. Friday we will send off Gold (regular job) and I expect to have this coming weekend off. Since my last update I have literally had zero time to do anything but work, eat meals at work and sleep about 6 hours a night. It has been impossible to find a free moment to work on these models (or see my wife, play with my daughter...the important things) But such is the nature of beast. I apologize for the wait. Things will get moving again real soon, I promise.


Until then, thanks for your patients and support and thanks for keeping this thread professional and civilized (enough).



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Congratulations to everyone on not making this thread a heap of spam, that does not frustrate everyone from wading through a heap of cr@p to get to the real info.


Lets hope it does not turn out to be a Kinja as we all saw his reaction to the pressures from people constantly whining on about "when will it be ready" or "hurry up". Who knows if people do start pressuring on an early release then he may not be so forgiving and may stop the whole project as Kinja warned us he might do.


So what i am sayin is keep up the good work and pleeeze stay patient. I know this model rocks our world but its not that important and i would rather have a quality Plo Koon rather than a poorly done one. That will only happen when he gets the correct amont of time.

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LOL@ Chrono...aye..us Floridians...lmao =OD



anyway MisterPunch take ur time...i mean i want this model really bad but i can wait...i mean its already like better than alot of people could do...so congrats for getting as far as u have

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No pressure, I'm pretty sure most of the people around here understand how much work can get to a person, especially when it involves sitting in front of a computer screen all day. I once worked about 36 hours over a weekend on a flash project for school(without even leaving the house), and let me tell you, I was so happy when I finished I just about cried when I could finally step outside after 3 days. I hope next weekend is similarly relieving for you :)

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i got a more or less importaint question: what about the sounds?


you never hear Plo Koon talk or any noise of him.

only in Jedi Power Battles™ but i don't think he really sounds like that...


so what are you going to do?

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