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Plo Koon Model!

ET Warrior

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LOL! This is great stuff!

Hey, no one get upset about any of these discussions (which I'm glad no one has shown any signs of doing) because when it comes to expanded universe and defining all these extra parts in the movies... well it gets more difficult than extrapolating the true meanings behind ancient religious scriptures :D


I'm sure there are some people that will still swear that Boba Fett's name IS Jastor M**** (something or other) and if you want to, you can come up with your own EU reason as to why his name IS Jastor! Heh!

It's all just us playing in our bedroom, or backyard, with our action figures and making stuff up to help us enjoy our time :)


Bradfu, I know I've heard that there are some mess ups in the casting information, so don't worry about making a simple mistake like you made. Certainly no egg on your face ;)


As far as battle stances... First off these ARE masters of the Jedi weapon and it's martial combat skills, so I'm SURE that they all know how to use a few different styles. (Heh, I guess that's my own playtime story-Err, I mean EU knowledge)

I don't remember seeing Plo holding his saber upside down, but it is certainly possible... although quite irrelevant (IMO) to this thread. I've seen the movie, in the Theatre ONLY, 9 times (digital 8 times) but to be honest I get blown away everytime and lose most of my brain powers during the big battles :D I do know that there are at least two different Jedi, in the backround, that use two lightsabers at the same time. One of the Jedi holds one blade upside down and the other blade is held upwards.

Anyway the real reason all these discussions started is because of the possibilties for Plo Koon's sounds/taunts. I don't read Star Wars Comics, so that's not my top reference for this topic, though comics are generally a good way to explore depths of a character, so I can understand the attraction. Since Mister Punch has said himself that he liked us working out what Plo should sound like, we as a community will have to discuss this and reach some kind of agreement.

So far I like a half telepathic/half real sound taunt pack. According to a few sources he can speak. According to a few sources he has some extra sensory abilities. According to the comics (perhaps more sources as well?) he can communicate telepathically. I've got no problems with a mix of all of the above. Of course the hardest part is how it actually sounds, heh.

BTW: With the latest jedimod (1.2) you can have up to 12 taunts.

(So, if you wanted you could have 6 voice taunts and 6 telepathic ones)


We should all pay respect to Mister Punch's work and stay more ON TOPIC, but hey, at least by posting here you are letting him know that we are all very excited about his contributions towards the JK2 Community.

Take your time Mister Punch, it doesn't look like anyone is going to leave anytime soon ;)

Most importantly I think Mister Punch would enjoy this stuff, because it seems to me he appreciates the most important aspect of Star Wars and of this game (If not for life in general)... and by that, I mean...




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I am certainly having fun and it seems everyone else is to.


After pulling two all-nighters in a row, we finally sent out gold at noon on Tuesday. I slept the rest of the day. I'm going to try and recoup some lost sleep, regain some energy and shake off this cold I have come down with. The Plo Koon/Shaak Ti projects will resume by the weeks-end and I couldn't be happier.


Just my two cents: I like the telepathic speaking idea the best, whether or not it's the most accurate. I have also made a sound file, which I will post on the website later this week.


Going back to bed now, goodnight.

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wait, that confusing, i got excited when i read the gold was sent out, but then u say the progress will resume on the weekend. what do you mean, when will we get PLOO!!!! AHHHHH!!! btw great job (i know it sound like an echo):ewok: :ewok: :ewok: :ewok: :ewok: :ewok: :ewok: :ewok: :ewok:

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what kind of game were u making? what company do you work for. Or is that information classified, and I will have to be killed to find out... I dunno if I'm up for it.


But anyways plo is my fav char, and ur model looks just amazing... I thought the one face pic was from the movie or something lol!:D

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I work for a small video game company called Professor Fog's Workshop, which I started with three good friends, also industry pros. Or main focus is children's games but we have been known to work on other projects.


Check out our web site. We put this site up in one day and haven't updated it since January 2001, we are very, very busy. The game shown on the site is called Wizmo's Workshop and will be out for the Christmas season from Infogrames. Everything you see on the site and in the game was modelled by myself and textured by my friend who will be doing the Plo skin.



Thanks for asking, I finally got the chance to plug my company.



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