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Plo Koon Model!

ET Warrior

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Above this one there is only one other post on this page that is on topic.

This is one of the best models to ever begin development for JKII.

Show some respect to this great work, use patience, restrain, and control. And kman, use the delete post feature. Please?!


So far on the next model poll it's been a neck and neck race between Shaak Ti and Kit Fisto (surprise surprise) ;)

Ben Kenobi has been getting beaten by the Tusken Raider :(

Oh wait... results are coming in...


The poll is now closed!

Shaak Ti edges out Kit Fisto by a horn!


4-lom 0 0%

biker scout 1 1.37%

Eeth koth 2 2.74%

kit fisto 20 27.40%

luke skywalker 2 2.74%

old ben 6 8.22%

saesee tiin 7 9.59%

shaak ti 22 30.14%

tusken raider 12 16.44%

x-wing pilot 1 1.37%


Total: 73 votes 100%


I'm not saying that this is official (I do not have such authority) but these look like the final results people.

Not a bad choice, either. Shaak Ti, member of the Jedi Council.

Maybe we could get a little kid version as well, like we saw being trained by Yoda.

We'll check to make sure all the voting went properly in Florida before there are any official declarations!


Mister Punch,

May the force be with you.

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ok results are in off the poll u asked 4 misterpunch;






so good luck and hope to see the model when its done :D

also tnx to the ppl who added the results update on here as i asked and tnx 4 everyone who voted



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I'm still sulking cos kit fisto didnt win :(


i woulda loved to see a kit fisto model by MisterPunch


i spose there can only be one winner and shaak ti will be a good model as well


well done shaak ti fans. it looks like you outnumber the kit fisto mob. You beat us fair and square



Looking forward to both models MisterPunch, best of luck with both.



Wayhay 50th post im no longer "Bantha Fodder" im now a ............................


*edit* Oh pitdroid......(sarcasm) sensational (end sarcasm) i was hoping for "Really Nasty Master Of The Evil Sith Bunch" *end edit*

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with all the spam in the threads (so not cause by me) it is really hard to find out the latest news on all the models in development. i was thinking why dont we make a thread called something like "*_*NEWS*_*" and only the modeler is allowed to psot here with updates on there model. no one else should post here so it is really easy to find out what you want.


the 1st post should contain a set of rules like dont post here unless you are modeling a model and wish to informthe people. dont spam this thread. display in caps the name of your model and then type you facts under neath normally ( so we can find the news on the model we want faster)


some kind of system like this is seriously needed. lets try and organize it

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anyone know a good web host that is free and i can upload sounds and stuff etc, because my other accounts at brinkster and geocites are not workin to well, ftp preffered, those browsers take too long.



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ok, i dunno what happened, but the webhost terminated my account, so does anyone have any idea where i can get a decent ftp web host thats free?, or does anyone mind lettin me borrow space on their page?

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Originally posted by Holiday

man, i cant wait to see his version of shaak ti.


i was hoping she would win so i could ask to skin it :D


some of my prevoius skinning work:







Doesnt look like your very experianced. I'd think misterpunch would want an experianced skinner to skin his model, like the skinner thats doing plo koon. No offense :cool: of course.

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DO NOT DO TO HIS LINK!!!!!!!!!! HIS LINK HAS A ****ING VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i don't know if its his ****ing host or if he did it..but this link




"The force shall decide our fates."





gave me some virus in the popup window...DON'T GO TO IT

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i did not do it, i was uploading a third .wav to the site then all of a sudden my ftp goes blank

then when i tried to got to the sounds, it gave me a buch of pop ups and the paged was terminated window. so i lost my account and i need a new one, anyone have any suggestions pls help me



ps i took out the links incase anyone would click on them

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i have one and scanned and nothing came up, sorry if i caused you to get one, i didnt mean to :(


i found a new host that seems to be working.


here are my updated taunts, Bradfu, can u make these ones out a little better?, everyone else's feedback?


"The force shall decide our fates."



"With my life, I shall protect the republic."



"My lightsaber is ready for the challenge."



PS i understand mine may not be the best, but keep in mind ive only had the prgram for two days and i really dont think they are that bad. :)

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Shaak Ti wins! Congradulations to all who voted for her. I voted Old Ben...oh well. I am excited to get started on this model, which I will be doing tomorrow. When I have the head finished there will be a new thread. Look for that by next weekend at the latest.


If anyone is interested, I modeled the unrobed version of PLO KOON last night.


I need to figure out how to get a picture posted. If any one can help me contact me at wizmojfog@cox.net


I don't want anyone to feel like I'm promising work to be done at a certain time and not come through on my word. I'm getting that feeling from a few replies. I just what to stress that I have not given any 'the model will be finished by' dates. I have said when I would be starting certain aspects of these projects but never the end times. Please read my previous posts if you are wondering what to expect from me and this project. Everything I've said I will do will be done and maybe more.


Finally, this used to be such a nice thread to read. If you feel you must post a bunch of unnecessary garbage do it on the 'How old are you?' poll thread, not here. I read this stuff to get feedback on how the project is going and I don't want to have to wade through post after post of nonsense (you know who you are).


Keep up the good work on the taunts.



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my god that is top quallity.....better than any model for any game that is out the now..........that is amazing.....it dosen't even look like a model its that good...........my god.............Master Punch that is superb.................it looks like one of those 3d art.i'm not sayin u drew it or anything.its just thaty good............can't wait for the skin for it................lets hope it dosen't let the model down ;) ...neway............can't wait for release!


EDIT:soz master punch.............i couldn't remember who made it........soz

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Holy crap :eek: I am just baffled thinking of how you could possibly put in so much detail with so few polys, and knowing you did that in a NIGHT. You'll be hard pressed finding anyone who can offer advice or criticism regarding anything you come up with. We can only wait patiently discussing taunts while we follow your progress :)

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