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Plo Koon Model!

ET Warrior

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The sounds are great.


But this telepathy idea (which i am sorry to everyone about for bringing it up again and causing all this fuss in the first place) has got me thinking what happens when he talks telepathically.


I mean is it a sound that does not make any noise or something else that makes the characters understand what he is saying.

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The telepathic/non-telepathic thing has been discussed in depth already, if you don't know "what's with" it, you should go back and read some of the past discussions in this thread. Based on all the material that's out there, Plo Koon is capable of speaking normally, but prefers to speak telepathically. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that most of the dialogue we've seen from him, which occurs in the comics, has been telepathic. It would be nice to have solid answers one way or another, the LucasFilm continuity people should have nailed it down already. I personally prefer the telepathic speech because it adds depth to his character, makes him more interesting.

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The tools I can't work without are:


3ds Max 4



lots and lots of MP3s

Painter 7 for texturing. Forget what anyone has told you about this program, it's the best painting program there is.


A guy from discreet gave a demo of Max 5 on monday, it's going to be incredible; can't wait.


Plo Koon!

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well it's not Corel anymore, they sold Painter to Procreate so now its only Procreate Painter, and I havent heard of anything bad about Painter, I myself have been using it since the first version along with photoshop, Painter is the best digital painting software there is... i use it to create professional CGs, but I didn't like how Photoshop copied Painter in their newest version...

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