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K-Jo'Round 2

Darth Eggplant

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Originally posted by DarthEggplant

since K-Jo'Round is on it's last page...

psst...actually thats just a link to the last page of the thread... its not actaully on its last possible page :)


anyway, game on!


^ reminds me that i too need a pet!

< is eating a ham buttie :)

V aint getting any....buttie that is...;)

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^ I hope a buttie is like

a sandwich or flat bread wrap

and not a breakfast cerial

or something

you Brit's are so weird.:D


< contemplating getting drunk

is it sos? or soss?

cause you end up sossed,

or is it sauced?

cause if it is sauce

then it really should be

"an apple in front of me

is like a frontal lobotomy."


V are you going to have some

Bangers and Mash for Dinner,

or maybe some Bubble and Squeak.

(just not a Spotted Dick)


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^ Poking fun at the amusing quirks and foibles of those wacky Brits. Oh, how wacky they are.


< It seems I'm actually an evil poltergeist that floats around wreaking havoc on this forum. It seems I have also succeeded in destroying the Newspro news system on Tall Guy's website. Buahahahaha! (Er, you might want to drop me a line about that, Tall. I had a feeling it was my fault. *Sigh*.)


V Don't hit me, I'm a bleeder!

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^ Yes: the church of Scientology. Today we are going to learn all about the mother ship. And for today only, we will receive instruction and enlightenment for the low, low price of all our personal wealth and most of our assets.


< "Heil Hubbard!" Heil Him!


V Remember, Church is a tool of Satan!

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