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K-Jo'Round 2

Darth Eggplant

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^What's with "kitty". You're repeating that a lot. Its a really cool band though. but its spelled Kittie


< Kittie came to my hometown on January 6. Morgan Lander was all like, "Today's my birthday." and my brother's friend Jake screams out, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" and she was all like "Heh. Heh. Thanks." It was hilarious. God they're so hardcore live.


V. All bow down before my opinion of music!

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^ You're just saying that cause i'm albino!


< Which reminds me when Hayley ws all like, "I once saw a black albino person." I asked, "How?" She said, "He was all pale and had red eyes but he had big lips and a flat nose," I responded, "Jesus, Hayley, you are so racist." She said, "What? I did! I actually saw a black albino person." well, that's what you get when your main enviroment are basically all rednecks.


V Is as normal as weird people can get.

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^Hell Yeah! never read the book, but the first movie was fecking awesome! Looking forward to the next.


< To be completely honest, I didn't Lord of Rings was all that great, to me it was just so-so.


V Will give the longest rant since Satan's speech to me for not liking LOTR as much as you do.

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^ Amateur, I've had just a bit over 5675 dates in my live, most of which lasted 24 hours long.


< I rate everything, I list everything, and I time everything. Critical habits I guess, if I didn't mind becoming the enemy, i'd be a critic.


V i'd give you about a 6.5/10.

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^ the up arrow refers to

the last post made, ie

you asked for help so this

is what this post is all about.

someone says something up

then something towards themselves

and then down, and the next person

should repond to what was said above.


< I saw The Chamber of Secrets

I can't wait until LOTR The Two Towers


V american thanksgiving

is so late in the year,

it's like big turkey dinner

followed by big turkey dinner,

man that's a lot of turkey

in close proximity.

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^ Okay. You finally beat. Now you have a better avi.


< Watched 2 movies today: Dune(1984 one) and Sliding Doors. Both very good, though hard to compare because one is a somewhat disturbing sci-fi/horror and the other is a romance. I wonder what my life would be like if i had never watched Sliding Doors.......


V Doesn't get the joke I just made cause he/she hasn't seen that movie.

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^;) I think you would look good

as a blonde english shakespearian

woman dressing like a man,

pretending to be a woman; whilest

getting on the London Underground.


< I on the other hand

would rather be listening to

the Velvet Underground


V while you continue to be

the biggest fan of the Velvet Fog.

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^ I confuzed.....Gwenyth Paltrow is a man?


< Watched Goldmember yesterday, they are just trying way too hard, i wish for no more austin powers flicks. Watched Slacker today, only good Linklater flick I've seen other than Waking Life. Dazed and Confused was boring and uninteresting(funny at parts though) and Tape didn't have any likeable characters. Those are the only ones I've seen.


V This next post is by someone who disagrees with me, fell asleep during Waking Life and loved Dazed and Confused. I guess what you're interested in, either the mystery and lathe of heaven of the subconcious, or your a stoner.......

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^ never saw those movies

but Gweneth played the woman

in Shakespear In Love who pretended

to be a man in order to play a woman

because at that point in time and history

women were not allowed to act on stage

and so men had to play all female roles,

so...as i said she played he to be she.


< almost watched Slackers, but thought

better of it and I did watch 1\2 or so

of Vanilla Sky and was so bored

that I turned it off. maybe I'll try

watching it again on Feb 30th.


V is the head priest

of a Bangers and Mash

worshipping cult.

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^Not Slackers, SLACKER, no plural. I'm talking about the 1991 Richard Linklater movie, not that crap movie with Devan Sawa. By the way, before you watch Vanilla Sky, watch the original spanish version, Open Your Eyes. I still thought that Vanilla Sky was better, but Open Your Eyes had some better qualities.





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^ oh yes I forgot;

thank you for knowing that

Mike Myers is like so 'Unfunny'

that it is not funny.

he was funny as a parody of

charles grey and telly savolas

from the original bond flicks

but his austin powers was

(A) very annoying

and (B) worse totally unoriginal

and a rip off of Frankie Avalon.

Myers always talks in interviews

about how much his folks were into

60's stuff, well buy or rent the dvd

or video of one of the old

beach blanket bingo movies;

the one with the english drag racer

'the Bug' played by frankie avalon

as a double role he played himself,

frankie and the bug. the bug wore

the same glasses as Austin had the same

laugh attitude movement, language style.

I mean a parody of the bond villian

was funny. co-opting someones gig

alah elvira doing vampirella

is just sad. and then in the second

powers he made doctor evil turn into

another austin which killed the genius

of the original; and fat bastard

was not funny at all. (shrek worked)

fat bastard no.


< :monkey4:



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^I liked the first Austin Powers, I thought it was a great take-off. I never saw any thing of what you said. The second was okay, but it lost some qualities. The third was pushing. Nuh-uh! But if you don't like Mike Myers because of this, rent 2 copies of So I Married an Axe Murderer and call me in the morning.


< That's figurative of course. Just rent one copy, it cost less that way, and don't call me in the morning because I'm nocturnal. I stay up all night and sleep during school. I disagree about Shrek working. I didn't like that movie very much, monsters inc. was better.



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<MY EYES BURN! THEY BURN! I just woke up. Everything is night. With all the lights off, I went to the computer and wiggled the mouse to wake up the monitor. and with my background screen being almost white, it burned! It burned like mad!


V Did you know I am the reincarnated spirit of Salvador Dali.

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^ no I did not,

well I'll have a pastrami on rye

with a side order of pinto beans please.

and oh yes a coke.


< yes I do not like

the glaring white of a computer screens.





cause I have to wait until after

New Years to see it.

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