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K-Jo'Round 2

Darth Eggplant

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^ I'll try not to, even though I have no sanity to value.


< Everyone in the entire world are against my artistic taste. It's like my favorite movies are everyone elses worst. And vise versa. I'm in a huge argument with a friend right now cause of that. His favorite movie, American Psycho, when I can't understand why anyone could possibly enjoy it at the least. It was the worst ****ing of all time.


V The next post will be Eggplant calling me and art fag once again.

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^ actually points for being psychic

more points because American Psycho

was worse than lots of stuff I have

ever seen and I'm glad you hate it too

however you should not argue about stuff

like that you simply say, that movie

was crap, but if you like it we'll then

your just an art fag :cool: and move on


< but just to keep you happy

and bitching, your avi is too small

to see well, but not small enough

to not notice the white flecks

or tell tale signs of a bad

transparent bg. and lastly

The Residents, pishshaw

a highly over rated band,

if I ever I never heard of one.



V wow 2am gues I should go to bed

what time is it in your sector?

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^ silly man

it would take 2 whole days

to fly there and by then

it would be cold,

and I really dislike

cold tube grub pie.


< hope your friend delivers soon,

if not email me okay.


I am having a late turkey dinner

today with cranberries

never had thanksgiving

last week, in Canada

we hold it on Columbus day

or near to it.

that way we can give thanks

for commiting Genocide

on a wide scale

while happily filling

our fat obese North Amercian faces.


V so what's eating you?

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^yeah, sure. Whatever. Like you could take me.


(Kay DARTH, First of all, Residents are not overrated because most people I know don't like them. I only know a couple of people who do. Second, I really don't care about the appearance of my avatar, at least I pick one and stay with one, unlike you. third, I don't fight over movies with my friends, I just debate their opinions. Everything is clean. Fourth, listen to the album Wormwood by residents. Its their best one. You probably have only heard early stuff like the stuff from duck stab.)


< I accept my unique taste.


V Yeah, yeah, I've heard that one before.

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^ read Sinister Eggmen

my poem in the Blue Casket

man that is so you.

you amuse me.


< poor Lateralis

he is forlorn and melancholy

but at least he got some.


(more than I can say for you

with a chip on your shoulder that big.

hey I think the grounds keepers

of Mount Rushmore are looking for

Lincoln's wart, that must be that

chip on your shoulder)


V I offer to thee

the gift of Blue Jello

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^ I sure could, but it ain't gonna happen for me tonight.


< I love the Nightshift. I love to boogie. I love the double-time-and-a-half, oh yeeeah.


Tonight I will be embracing temperatures up to minus 50 degrees. Celcius. I love the smell of dead frozen animals in the morning.


V In the event of my inevitable freezing death, I leave you all my debts. Enjoy! Watch out for the loansharks though.

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^ Stuff is not half as cool as things.


< I'm in a lucid dream and I AM THE KING OF EVERYTHING. So stop telling me to quit flying around and eating my favorite foods and asking my lathe of heaven what the source of all creation is.


V So what's it like to be a character in someone else's dream?

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^ My minds eye that it.


< It's time for pepto bismal. I've never woken up feeling so indegested in my life. riously,I think I'll vomit.


V I1 you don't think that's gross I think you should stop looking at my eye avi. It's not that good. Darth, keep the one you have now. Its good.

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^ You are a sick person also with a somewhat cool avi. Keep that one.


< Right now I am writing a short story that will offend christians around the world. Not that I have anything against them.


V Life is sure funny, maybe that's why I am always laughing hysterically in this padded-room of mine.

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^ Negativeland has a funny song

called Christianity is Stupid

off the Escape From Noise album,

you might like it.


< do we get to read

your manifesto when it is done?


V If you should fall from grace

with god where no doctor can relieve

you, should we stick you in the sod

where the angels won't receive you,

should we let you down into the mud

where the rivers all run dry?

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^ More like falling TO grace. Gosh I crack myself up so much.


< Sure you can all read it. It actually doesn't have anything against christians in it but i'm sure it will offend them. The first half has to do with a love relationship when the second has to do with the horrifying means of the second coming. It's voilent and perverted, but that's the point.


V So of those of you who want to read it, tell me and I'll send it to you.

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