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K-Jo'Round 2

Darth Eggplant

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^ I saw that movie. It was better than Insurrection, probably as good as First Contact but not better than Generations(I know a lot liked first contact better than Generations, but I liked Generations a little better) Either way, those movies are getting redundant. its the same things, hopefully the next one which I think has Q in it will be more original.


< I have nothing to say about myself.


VI have everything to say about everyone else, but I can't tell anyone.

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^ no but soon I will.


< :rolleyes:Generations eh gads!

that blew space chunks.

I mean egotistical fat

Billy Shatner, I need to be

Catain Jerk forever!

Malcom McDowell was cool,

but Generation, like The 1st

Trek movie and the 5th sucked.


actually I am

looking forward to LOTR

in sunday a whole lot more.


V :rddance:

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^ The first one was only considered bad because it wasn't very star trek-like. It was a lot more original than that. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Wrath of Kahn better but Star Trek: the Movie was original. And yes, the fifth one sucked. But hey, don't put down Billy Shatner because he remains enthusiastic about the character he is most remembered as. I mean, its better than Brent Spiner who kills himself off in Nemesis because he doesn't like being recognized as Data anymore(A LITTLE TOO LATE BRENT!)


<I have formed a new hobby of making MIDI files. Its fun. All of the ones i've made so far are great, especially the one i'm working on now.


V "Life is much more beautiful than they say it is on TV."

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^dude, I only spoiled what was already spoiled. It was all over the news; everyone knows Data dies in Nemesis. THey revealed that like two months before it came out. I knew it two months before it came out. Sorry anyway, man. I just thought you knew.


< The more I watch the great yet confusing movie Donnie Darko, I don't understand it any more than I did the first time, the more I watch it, I just notice more continuity errors that try to make me hate the movie. And then I'm like, Screw you continuity errors! Donnie Darko is cool....but fading. On the other hand, the more I watch Waking Life, the more I love it and notice cool things.


V A common paradox: Is the glass half full, or the glass half empty? A common paradox of the weather channel: Is Heather Tesch's dress matching Marshall Seese's tie, or is Marshall Seese's tie matching Heather Tecsh's dress?

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^ Unfortunately, my baloney passed away about two months ago in that really yucky sandwich I ate


<Donnie Darko is a lot more complicated than that. It's pretty good. A classic mind-****. And it's easier to understand than most of those kind of flicks. But its about this really messed up depressed kid whose hallucination(the rabbit) saved his life one night from a jet engine crashing into his room when the rabbit told him to go out of his house. Next thing you know, the rabbit is telling our main character to do things....bad things while asking the kid if he knows anything about time travel. I'm giving nothing further away. It's got the guy from bubble boy in it.


VWaking life may not be your cup of tea. A lot of people I know didn't like it, but I sure loved Waking Life.

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^ Don't worry. There seems to be like 6-day intervals until anyone else responds and then like 3000 ppl do it at once.


< My phone lines have been disconnected. If we get kicked out of our house, then I get to laugh at all my friends who used to call me rich-boy.


V [poetic insert] "Has there been such a symbol of love like the melancholy christ being shot with a gun?" [end poetic insert]

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