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K-Jo'Round 2

Darth Eggplant

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^ Who told you? Now my secret homeland is revealed.


< Actually the quote isn't blasphemous. I try not to write blasphemous stuff. the poem "Melancholy Christ." Is all about the absurdity of gaining love from the image of christ being tortured on the cross. They are even wearing the weapon that killed him on their necklaces, and then the next verse is the second coming being shot with a gun, then everyone worships the gun and blahblahblah.


V argh. boredom sucks.

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^ I heard the movie was very good from some poeple, others I heard it was just basically a dysfunctional family being dysfunctional and else. I'll see it sooner or later. I heard P.T. Anderson has done other good movies.


<all I've seen by him is Punch-drunk Love. It was good. Extremely weird, but good.


V argh. boredom still sucks.

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^ Epul


< points? Quest Esto?

can you like do something with them?

If I could still buy a copy of the

Grim Fandango OST at Lucasarts store

I might spend them, otherwise

they are just pretty.


V pook! new smiles to you


*I do not know if these are new

but I have never used them before

so they are new to me:D *

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^ Please no mention.....


< My friend and I threw a party in my basement on saturday. It went pretty well. Despite how hard it was to find my house in the middle of the "boonies" as they say. The next party, we'll set up the equipment and play our band.


V Does not like Death Metal.

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^um....Yeah! Whatever...


< Gosh, you know what I hate? False awakenings. I used to never get those and now I get them all the time. They're really confusing. The last dream i had I woke up like three times and I was still in it.


V This is all a dream. Wake up.

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^ Haha! You think you have defeated me but unfortunately those are just keys put in a pattern to far-fetchedly look like something. But, you have been defeated! You will die by my number sign #, and the parenthesis ) And the unholy exclamation point ! and the merciless backslash \ what's that you want more $ ? + >< " pdsldsa ]]]] Muahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!


< Lafeyette sucks. I wish that I didn't want to go to college so I could down their 97% college-bound graduates but damnit I probably will. Stupid nationally recognized school.


V Sleep time. Good night! And try to get through tomorrow.

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^ Ah! You thought you could fool me, but no, I have VoicePilot 98!


< Actually, truthfully, you really do have to look out for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome these days, but you shouldn't rely on me saying considering ow horribly I spelled that.


V WAKE UPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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^ Believe me, Herbal Essences doesn't feel as good as it looks in the commercial.


< Top five movies that disturbed me the most(expect revisiing): 5.Vulgar 4. K-19 3.Blue Velvet 2.A Clockwork Orange and the film that disturbed me the most is: 1. Apt Pupil


V Feel free to contribute your opinion.

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