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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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Originally posted by -Tercero-

Anakin should have more costumes than any character to date. So far in the plans are:


Default - as seen for most of Episode II

Robed - same as default, but wearing a robe

Jedi Vestments - same as default, minus the leather tabbards

Jedi Vestments Robed - same as above, but wearing a robe

Thousand Moons - in his garb from the arrival on Tatooine

Thousand Moons Robed - with the white poncho

Black - same as the default, but with black robes instead of brown

Black Robed - same as above, but wearing a black robe.

Padawan - wearing colors similar to those worn at the end of Ep I

*Tunic - wearing his tunic, like in the scene from Ep II with Padme


to be honest i reckon that is slightly excessive


just two or three of those would do. at this rate you'll be working on anakin for years to come.


i personally would like to see you move onto other models after the release of your anakin rather than continue working to finish that list of skins

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I d'no...I'd kinda rather have a few really really good models..(as in yoda, this anakin, cheshire's vader, etc) rather than have many models that aren't really spent 100% on...Tercy here's putting his all into this model...it's his...we're just..receiving a gift. ya don't tell a person giving you a gift how to do the gift o.o



btw...i love you too man ;.;

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In all honesty, the extra skins should only take me about a day to do, and maybe a week for the cloaked/robed skin pack. As far as other models, I plan to modify this one's body and just add new heads, so future Jedi should come out a bit faster than this one. It's part of the reason I'm speding a little extra time on the body and skins - the longer it takes now, the faster and better things will go later.


As for the variety of skins, I'm still debating on if I'll have them enabled via console, or give them custom icons. Maybe a little of both - an icon for the primary skins and a variable for the variants...

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I'd rather see the variants have consoles...without the icons..give the main ones icons, but leave the consoles to be with the ole console commands...it'll be fun..you'll walk up to someone with Anakin...they have the same skin..and suddenly you now have a cloak...to distinguish...and they're all "o.o...wha?"

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::Sigh:: Not again ;.; If there are updates, he'll tell us. I don't mean to try to sound insulting or anything, but use logic. If you were the modeler, you wouldn't just...out of the blue, get an update, and say "ah, they don't care about it any more", would you? Come on ;.;



btw, Jessman, yer makin me eager fer those DC sounds...::obsessive comic buff::

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Thanks for trying to stick up for me Tnuc, you are right in a way, but I don't really mind people asking for updates - it shows that they still have interest in the model, and helps give me reason to keep working. I'm not saying to spam the thread with "UPDATES?", but asking now and again never hurt anyone - after all, I do frequently release updates but haven't lately, so I can see why people would be wondering where their updates are.


I'm still redoing the UV's right now, which is why I haven't released any updates lately - It'll look worse than it did before, and I don't want people worried that I've destroyed the model. I've been working on a new texture for his shirt, and have been optimizing the model, so I still haven't gotten around to the UV's yet. I have done a little bit of work on the face, so if all else fails, I'll post a screenie of that before I go to bed.


I'll try to have something soon, but like I said earlier, it looks really rough right now.

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I redid the shirt texture and am currently working on getting him skinned minus the leather tabbards, because they will simply be laid over the cloth ones.


Here's the pic!



or if that link doesn't work, try



I also updated my web page - put up some pictures of my girlfriend and I... she says that I look kinda like Anakin...


Here's a link - You'll have to copy and paste it, though...


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Lord Tnuc,


I understand what your saying, but Tercero can speak for himself.

Why make a big deal out of a simple question? Anyway lets not pollute this thread with useless banter.




thanks for the update. I was asking to know whether you were done with the face or not. I guess I thought you were done with the face because you hadn't updated in a bit.

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Here's how I believe -Tercero- could do his Sith Anakin, though its really up to him.


For everyone else, enjoy my limited "skinning" capabilities. lol

well, how bout image doctering for those technical people out there





david_kristina.jpg Pic of me and my girlfriend

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