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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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She is smiling, it's just hard to see there. If you hit my website there are bigger pictures there.


Speaking of my girlfriend - YAY!!! She's back from vacation! :) :) :) :) :) !



Well...that was off topic...

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*Darn.* And I thought that I was the only one blessed with my good looks...that lucky stiff. Heh heh hah ha. Seriously though, I think that my face shape is close enough to Hayden's to pull off a -Tercero- skin for the model... Maybe in the skinpack...

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Hails Tercero

would like to say i really like your work and i was just wondering i saw the pics and it looked like you had the saberist mod on i could be wrong but just a stupid Q any way i would like to use your model for saberist 2.0 im going to make new animations i have coders and a friend i cant say but when the anaimtion raw is ready and released we the saberist mod have a plan to give each persin there own animation and i would like to use your model as a test thanks


FireStorm Entertainment


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Yea, I can see it now on JKII.Net Most Popular Files


1 - Tercero Self-Portrait Skin (4,000 downloads)

2 - Tercero Anakin Skywalker SkinPack (3,785 downloads

3 - Project Duality Map (2,500 downloads) JUST KIDDING!!!



watch your own skin be downloaded more than your OWN anakin skywalker model... HAHA...

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bw3rdln - feel free to use my model for anything you like, just include the readme from the model when it is released. I fully support the modding community - anyone can use my model in their mods and TC's - just drop the readme into the .zip file so everyone gets proper credit for their work and shoot me off an e-mail.

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0-50 = Bantha Fodder

50-100 = Pit Droid

100-150 = Sith Probe Droid

150-200 = Battle Droid

200-250 = Ewok

250-300 = Tusken Raider

300-350 = Wampa

350-400 = Jawa

400-450 = Gungan

450-500 = Bantha

500-600 = Wookiee

600-650 = Rancor

650-700 = Stormtrooper

700-750 = Sith

750-800 = Jedi

800-999 = Sith Lord

1,000+ = Jedi Master or Custom Rank

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Hmm..hundredth post...am I still a newbie here? ;.;...I suppose so..since I'm still in the beginning ranks..I wonder if I get over a thousand, and then put my rank as Bantha Fodder, if I'd still get the "you're a newbie." thing.


Oops..almost forgot why I was making this post.




Hmm...that's a mock...>.>

Take your time, Tercy.

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Nope - it's not dead - my boss is on vacation right now, so I'm working a lot of hours this week, so there haven't been many updates. I do have the back of his shirt textured now, and I'm moving on to his sleeves. The polycount is down around 2850 now, with more reduction to come, hopefully. It should make up for some of the poly's I'll have to add in for his hair shaders, etc...


I'm hoping that I can reduce it enough to make the first and second UV's the same, that way you don't lose any quality when you are fairly close to the model.


Don't worry, though - my first priority is quality, so I'm not sacrificing any of that to bring down the counts.


I'll post a screenie of my progress later today.

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