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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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i havent posted anything on here in a very long time.... that anakin model looks fan freakin tastic.. no lie bro and to all you nit pickers out there.. look he isnt going to get anakins head hair for hair.. let him work at his own pace.. suggestions are welcome but dude remember the limitations of his software i mean it aint like he has maya and is gonna make the braid flap in the wind or anything so relax and lets wait for this most awesome of models.. I have most all the new models out and i must say it is by far lookin the best i have seen.. its great that the community is producing such works because the game would be stale without them.. i used to skin but it seems as if recoloring and pushing of pixels is a little out dated.. so i laid off of it... may get back into it when someone releases a "generic" jedi or sith model.. once again good job hommie cant wait to play with it:yeldance:

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I understand where you're coming from, ShogunBlade, but really, I like nitpickers. I love them. They make this so much easier. Instead of sitting there and figuring things out myself, they point out what could take me a while to see. I know a lot of modelers hate people nitpicking their work, but being the perfectionist I am, I absolutely LOVE IT! That way, when the nipickers have nothing left to say, I am left with a perfect semblance of what I set out to create. They are the reason that the model is as good as it is today.


As far as his hair, I actually did create it strand by strand. I hand-painted a hair texture and then created the hair from that. I had to cut back on the sharpness so that it is now in clumps (there was too much pixel shimmer with so many strands of hair - too many highlights and shadows too close together.


The parts that need work now are actually on the face skin - I was holding off on finishing it up until I got the hair done, because the curls and the sides of his hair actually wind up on that map instead of the one that covers the rest of the head.


I also will be adding a numbers of shaders to the hair to give it the full effect, so right now it isn't going to look quite as good as it will in game. Please don't let that stop you from nitpicking, though. Everything has to look right to get it all to come together.


Keep the feedback coming!

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Hey, as always great looking update -Tercero-

There is one thing about the model's head. In the profile you can see that the head is still too wide (wide in profile; from the front it would be the "Y" dimension).

I guess the neck would be thinner near the base of the skull and then slope out, more to where you have it, near the height of the middle of his ear.


Hope that helps


Oh and since you're getting ready to work more on the face, I realized that Anakin is a bit more tanned than you currently have him. At least as far as I can tell from your pics (JK2 does wash out colors in game so you might want to get him in there to start fine-tuning the colors to get it how you like)





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Next I'm working on the neck, braid, and maybe the ponytail. The hair's giving me a bit of trouble in the back right now ...gad dang UV maps...AARGH!!!... but I'll get it looking right. It'd be so much easier if each poly had it's very own UV and you could just paint directly onto the model... ah, well - until then, back to doing it the hard way!

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I Liiiiike It!.......


Anakins lookin awsome.....Was just wondering about a few things..Constructive Critizism nothing more nothing less


1.) Animating the Face:-

I was thinking about expressions (if these are possible) when you asked toonces about them. I was thinking maybe the evil face could be based upon the tusken scene when he looks up from his dead mother. The pain face could be when he was thrown and shocked by dookus lightning and others base of scenes in which he shows that sought of emotion.

2.) The Robes:-

I was wondering if your gonna be adding a leathery texture and ripples to the darker part of the robes. the bit that goes over his shoulders and down to the belt and through it. took a hard look at the puches and there amazing.

3.) Sounds:-

Taunts n stuff like that...i was thinking along the lines of

-"Its Obi Wans Fault, Hes Holding Me Back (That would be a good death taunt-when he dies and its typed along the top)"

-"Your Gonna Kill No More Jedi Today"

-"Im Gonna Be The Most Powerful Jedi Ever"

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I heard the emperor has animated face so it is possible (from what ive heard anyway) it couldnt look any better with the facial animations but thats up to -tercero-, if not it still looks awesome either way, I dont think anyones gonna dislike this model somehow without it :D its too good



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I think I should explain something about the animations. I can only rig the face to use the current animations that are already in-game. Until Lucas Arts/Raven assist us in creating our own animations, or one of the briliant coders in the community discover how to import new animations, there is no way to make Anakin look evil unless it's through the skin.




Powered by Sith :lightning

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Ta im not into the modelling specifics just using them :D

but could be a possibility in the far future :p .

Anyway like i said the models gonna be just as good anyway :D :D




:EDIT: -tercero- just looked on ur website and i was woundering if u gonna do a sith model based on the goggle alien model u done, i think it would rock and the fact u already got the head done :D

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Hmm...using SP Tercy Anakin, after the trials, Anakin (19) gets mentored by Jedi Master(?) Luke...who is older than 19. ::chuckle!::

Sorry, I think that's just kinda funny.




"Search your feelings...you know it to be true!"


Bah, I've gotten rusty..remind me to watch the movies again. ;.;

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sith models i seen ;







and jango (if u want to class him as a sith even tho hes not)


jedi ;



obi one (needs a decent one)

qui gonn (needs a decent one)

windu (on way)


plo koon (on way)

ki adi mundi

siessee tinn (unknown was on way)

kit fisto (on way)

old ben (on way)

jorrus c`baoth (on way)

pablo jill (on way)


anyway u get the idea , but at the end of the day its up to

-tercero- but i just thought it would be a good idea after obi one and qui gonn


P.S sorry 4 going off subject :( and not tryin to start arguements etc ..... just sayin

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the reason why FoD is probably because people outside of official games have the time, and knowledge to work around stuff, for JKII was on a timescale, so there was probably times they had to rush things in an orderly fashion, to get the game out, and tested the way its supposed to run.


And lord Tunc, one does not become a jedi master until they have a padawn that becomes a jedi knight themself. so Luke is merely a Jedi Knight by the end of RotJ.


If it was that easy Tercero, the number of modelers would be in the thousands, instead of the dozens... (now where have I heard a quote similar to that? ;)

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