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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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I think that I'm going to just go with .tga files. It would be a shame to lose some of the detail that I'm putting into this skin. The shaders will be .jpegs, though, because they won't need to be as sharp. I hesitate to release a .tga and a .jpg version because I don't want to cause compatibility issues when playing online... I learned that lesson when I released three different versions of my sabers within a month. Speaking of my sabers, I'm going to release a final version along with Anakin - they'll have some new features when used with Tchouky's saber mod - it should make customization even easier.

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Isn't Deetox or someone like that taking care of the taunts and misc sounds? cuz i know one guy said he got a bootlegg copy of the movie, and it had perfect sound rips or something like that.


Keep up the good work Tercero, and Toonces, and sound person:)

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Yeah i went kinda nuts with the taunts, like i told Tercero i don't know what got into me but after watching the movie again i came up with a bunch more useful taunt lines that i hadn't thought of before. The dvd even has a couple new lines in the "i killed the tuskens" scene which was a pleasant suprise. Anyway i sent Tercero a total of 14 taunts, 12 of which can be used because thats the Jedimod limit.


Tercero i am curious what program do you use to clean up the background noise? i use Cooledit and it seems to do a piss poor job of that, either that or i'm doing something wrong. I hear good things about Soundforge, is that what you use?

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Woohoo - after many agonizing hours of lining up UV's and repainting my texture, I finally have the hair bearing some resemblence to, well... hair!


Take a look!



or, if geocities is being lame again, try this one...



I still have to do the braid and tail - I know the braid looks funky too - I have to realign it...


I'm also going to rework the textures for the robes - they look a little to cartoony for me - I think that I can get them looking a bit more realistic...


Tell me what you think!

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Originally posted by -Tercero-

I have access to a computer at a television studio with a linear editing machine - I might be able to do something with that...


Wow thats pretty cool.. i bet they got some real high tech equipment there, screw soundforge lol.


About your sabers, are you still trying to make them look more like the sabers from Ep2? i'd be happy to take some high quality screenshots from this dvdrip if you want, they might serve as better ref pics then whats available to you now. I'm sure i could also get some good screens of the V shaped saberswing trails if you want to make those more accurate.


let me know if that interests you or not.


nice new screen btw, the hair looks fabulous.

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Originally posted by morphius_doh

Kick ass job! As far as the face being too fat: I've looked at the head shots from padawan.com and the head looks fine to me.


Keep up the great work.


I saw that it was to fat because I was watching the coughdvdripcough of the movie at the same time.

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