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Originally posted by Erwin_Br

One day, when I have some time I'll just have to experiment with that too. Why do days only have 24 hours? *sigh*


Actually, I´m working 14 hours per day, so you could suggest, that I dont have "some time" - Just keep on working...


Anyway, is it difficult to start with Inverse Kinematics, bone modeling, etc. when your experience with 3D modeling is just a tiny bit above average?

--Erwin [/b]


Not really. It´s something new to start over, but if you have average knowledge of Studio Max you should be able to master that quite soon. Sadly, the tutorials within the Studio Max Package arent good enough to learn it perfectly. Well, you have to learn it yourself, try and error, your know.


Just created a wallpaper:




Edit: Forgot to comment the wallpaper, hehe. The zapper is actually 3d and already finished. Looks very 2d, I like that :-)

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