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Adventures of The Associates: Naboo

Thew Rydur

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Corzip Dinn! That was it. So he had made it into the Royal Guard... Well it was obvious he could. He had the drive and the ambition.


Arina thought for a moment, quickly broke eye contact and introduced herself in turn.


"I am Lady Arina X'Hiari, daughter of Duke and Duchess X'Hiari, Keren, Naboo. We were friends briefly... Eight years ago... I, uh... left Naboo for Tatooine due to an attempt on my life. I hated the cowards approach, but sometimes it is the only option left open. I have lost contact with my home. What has happened here since my leave? Please, would you do me the honor."


Arina released Corzip and held out her arm, a smile spread across her face.


I'm home. But have the assassins forgotten about me? This could turn out interesting if they haven't.


The mischevious gleam returned to her deep green eyes.


Corzip. It HAS been a while.

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*Corzip looks at the girl/woman and slowly recognizes her. Yes. He was 14 she was about 10. Both our parents knew eachother. Man that has been a long time.*


Corzip: Yes yes... i remember you now. we used to go away on family trips to the Naboo country. Your parents had a house in the country. we played there as kids. Nice to meet you again.


*Corzip shook her hand with a joyous feeling to find an old friend again*


Corzip: So how are you doing? whats up with you in life? where have you been? There is so much to ask you... uhm let me finish up here and we will get a drink. i know this guy and he owns some bars on some planets.. lets get a drink there.


OOC!: maybe varan (you gaalgoth) can meet us there :D

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"You... remember me?"


Arina turned a bright red as she looked away.


"I would be delighted to accompany you for a drink, Corzip. Lead the way."


Arina gave him a curt nod and they started off to the bar.


"Well, as for your previous questions. It is, well... embarassing to say the least. My parents trained me to be able to defend myself, but I was always a rogue and got in trouble. My parents really cracked down on me then. My father intensified my training while the Duchess X'Hiari focused on teaching me the values of clear thinking. I was always interested in learning about people and happenings in the galaxy. I hear from reliable sources, my contacts on Tatooine, that an old man by the name of Ben Kenobi accompanied Luke Skywalker to a cantina in Mos Eisley, a spaceport there on Tatooine. They say he was a Jedi... I did not see it first hand, but I here that the Empire had some trouble with them on the Death Star. They rescued a princess of Alderaan."


Arina watched the denizens of the market place to make sure she was not in any danger. Either from the petty muggers, pickpockets... Or her would-be assassins. It looked clear.


"Oh! Excuse me. I am getting far off the orginal topic. I ran across some troubles with attempts on my life. It was blackmail against the Duke and Duchess, and instead of dealing with them directly, my parents decided to exile me from Naboo. They sent me on a transport bound for Tatooine. They had cleaned their hands of me. It was years on that desert before I got word of their condition. They had been caught dealing with the Keren underworld and illegal spice smuggling. The Imperials ousted them from their home and took them to a mining facility. What irony I find in that... is not at all comforting."


Arina made sure no one was following them too closely to listen in on her. No one gave them a second glance. She was content.


"They, my sources that is, said that my father had put up resistance at the country manor and had made intricate plans to, without my knowledge, get me to infiltrate the Imperial ranks and become a Royal Imperial Guard to the Emperor. Through my training, I would see through the Emperor and betray him. At the cost of my own life, I would slay the Emperor, and it would not have been traced back to my father. I also learned that the Duchess was selling information about our family to the Imperials indirectly. She was most willing to give up information about me in particular. I do not know if she yet lives today, but my father is planning an insurrection at his mining facility, and has managed contact to the outside. In the confusion, he will board an Imperial ship piloted by a covert Rebel agent. May the Angels set their mercy upon him."


They continued walking in silence for a few moments, when Arina spoke up again.


"I have been making credits dealing in information. Someone wants me to find someone or something, I name a price, and I pursue the goal until completed. Recently though, I came across some information that was not meant to be discovered, and yet again, found myself hunted. I eluded them for a time, but I was unfortunate enough to come across a rather drunk Imperial commander on leave in one of the cantinas. I guess I caught his attention, so he sent some men to "collect" me. I resisted and he had me arrested. The rest I do not remember. It is just a blank, hollow gap in my memory."


The young girl gasped and held her hand to her mouth, stunned. She stopped walking.


"How did I allow myself to tell you all this? He is another liability. Another potential knife in my back. Now I am bound to him... I should not have said any of this. If you could please disregard all of this... please."


Arina shut her eyes and began to think, waiting for this man, Corzip's, answer.

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shreneka had not spoken a word since he and nygle had left the docking bay. Why should he have? Nygle wouldnt be able to understand him anyway. Shreneka was beginning to regret that he had left his protocol droid back at the ship. but it was probably for the best. he stopped to look over towards one of the cantinas.


nygle wasnt really paying much attention and walked past.



that got his attention. Nygle spun around and faced the wookie as he pointed towards the cantina. he nodded in response. and the pair entered.

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That sounds like a good idea, maybe we can find out why the IMPs where so interested in us. The Cantina is fulled with a tart smoke, that bellows out the door as Shreneka and Nygle enters. There are a number of different races at the long wooden bar at the far end of the room. At the other end, there is a sexy female Twi'Lek singing a jazzy tone called Tattooine Sand. Nygle and Shreneka heads over to a corner table. As Nygles sits down, a humale female comes up to the table. Can I get you guys a drink? We'll have 2 Ales. Says Nygle as the human gives hurries to help other customers.

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*Looked at Arina in confusion*


Corzip: Wow, you had a busy life. And dangerous. man had i known you were in that much trouble i would have tried to help you.


*The cantina they entered was not as any other. It was a very spacious cantina. the place where all the seats and booths were in a hall that was about 2 levels high. only there was no second level. there was a sort of balcony indoor. with stairs leading up. The cantina provided some rooms to sleep in for travelers. As they entered Corzip saw a wookie standing by the bar and his companion and he bought a drink. Also there was a twi'lek dancing and a lot of people sitting in the cantina. Corzip and Arina sat in an empty boot by a window overseeing the market plaza. The market was a busy spot. all kinds of aliens from all over the galaxy tried to deal there. They sat down and Corzip gently waved toward the bar patron and he send over a droid to the booth. As they waited for the droid to arrive Corzip spoke to Arina:*


Corzip: Well to tell you what is going on in my life is that ima pilot for the Naboo security force... but The empire is ruining it for us pilots and is about to throw the whole security force away... im thinking of leaving here. The empire destroyed all. Im thinking of going into the trader business ... I have some contacts on Corellia.


Droid: what shall it be my lady


Corzip: We'll both have a Jawa Juice.


*Corzip smiled at Arina. and gazed off toward the bar and saw the bartender giving him a nod. He was a good friend of Corzip. He then met the gaze of the wookie he saw earlier. the wookie was staring at him. probably wondering how easy he can pull out an arm. Corzip looked back at Arina as she spoke to him*

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The landing legs whined as the transport hovered into the spaceport. The craft gently descended to the landing pad, and let out multiple hisses as valves blew out white steam. After a few seconds of silence, multiple suction noises signaled the lowering of entrance ramps on the bottom of the craft. As they reached the ground, chaos ensued as a sea of impatient travelers exited the ship. In the middle of it all was Grask Lekkren. Grask was a slightly muscular Zabrak of about 6 feet, with tattoos adorning his cheeks, chin, and the back of his neck. His horns were evenly spaced about his head, and were all about 1 1/2 inches long. He wore a combat vest, camouflage cargo pants, combat boots, and carried a duffle bag with his luggage in it. In the middle of the chaos, he was in no hurry at all.


It had been 25 years since Grask had set foot on Naboo. He was born here, but left soon after with his father, Zarith. His father took him to the city world of Coruscant, where he lived his entire life. Having nothing left there, and wanting to return to his home world, he decided to take the next transport to Naboo. There was one problem though; he knew no one on Naboo. He would have to find a place to stay, and a way of making credits, or else he wouldn't last very long. He had some money at the moment, so he decided the more important thing would be a place to stay.


Grask casually walked out of the space terminal, and out into the city. He looked around, and took in all the beauties of Naboo. The city was not even comparable to Coruscant, but it didn't matter. Naboo was beautiful with it's lush green grass, beautiful birds, and fresh air. Grask stood in awe.


A speeder taxi sat idle a few feet away, so the Zabrak decided to get in.


Driver: Where too?


Grask: A cantina or hotel. Someplace I can stay.


With that, the taxi sped away.


As the taxi sped through the streets, Grask absorbed the city. It was less crowded then Coruscant, which he liked, but seemed almost empty. It would take some getting used to. The taxi came to a halt outside of a cantina, and the door opened. Grask paid the driver, exited the speeder, and made his way inside.


He got a room, and made his way to it. His room wasn’t very big, but it didn’t matter. All he needed was a place to sleep and keep his things. He sat on the edge of his bed and thought about what he would do next. On Coruscant, Grask had worked for a local crime lord, and been a mercenary for hire. He might be able to do that still, but it would be harder to find jobs in a place of this size. He decided not to worry about it; tonight he would enjoy himself. He had finally returned home.


Grask made his way to the main floor, and took a seat at a booth by himself. A waitress came over, and he ordered a drink. He sat back, and relaxed.


OOC: I don’t know if I’ll be able to talk to anybody, but I thought now would be as good a time as any to come in.

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OOC: Sorry, but i'm leaving this thread now, because basically I started of a conversation with the wrong person. After he stopped posting, I basically started on a wild goose chase while still trying to keep my character going. I couldn't do it, so, oh well.

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shrenekeka took one last look at his pint before he threw its contents to the back of his throat. he wiped away the foam from what would be his moustache(if you can say that wookies have moustaches). He glanced over at the man again.


im sure thats arian siting next to him... but who is he. what are they talking about... this is driving me insane i have to find out. But i dont wish to intrude. after all i have no idea what theyre like. I know. Ill just sneak over there the back way and listen in..... aww what am i thinking. I dont know the firt thing about sneeking around and my size doesnt make it any easier.


He gave Nygle a tap on the sjpulder and pointed at Arina

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Nygle turns to where Arina is at, and see's her talking to another human. Turning back to Sherekeka, and almost senseing that the wookiee wants to her, but doesn't to intrude. You know, that's what Bothans do best. As he says that, he palms a microtransmetor. Leaning over to make it look like he is picking something off the ground, Nygle slides the microtran over to where Arina and her friend is talking. If my aim was correct, we should be able to hear what they are saying. Laying a datapad on the table so Sherekeka and him can hear.

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Thew scanned the market, looking for any signs of Corzip.


Now where are you... He muttered under his breath.


I guess I'll check the local watering holes. Thew thought to himself.


He headed for a cantina he knew Corzip frequented. Walking inside he looked towards the bar.


Yep, thats him alright... but who's the girl? I guess I'll go find out... Wondered Thew.


He walked towards Corzip and Arina and held his hand up in the air.


Thew: Corzip! Hows it going?

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*Corzip saw the bothan do something from teh corner of his eye. He tried not to notice them to much. he faced Arina and spoke to her in the middle of her story about how beatifull tattooine sunsets were.*


Corzip: Say Arina. Sorry to intrude you, but do you know that wookie and the bothan standing next to him?


*Just as he asked Thew walked into the cantina and stood infront of the 2 persons. He saw Corzip and stared confused at the woman. Corzip raised his hand to wave Thew over to their table. Thew came over to the booth.*


Thew: Corzip! Hows it going?


Corzip: Im fine man? got over your scoring *Corzip laughed* Im sorry, how rude of me. I would like you to meet Arina X...... *Corzip hesitated for a moment, he finally saw what the bothan was doing. He was listening to their conforsation. And if Arina was being pursued he better keep it to himself* Arina. She and i knew eachother years ago. well actually our parents did and we got to know eachother. Sit down Thew, want some Jawa Juice? or Corellian Ale?

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Thew sat on a stool next to Corzip.


Thew: An ale will be fine.


Thew monitioned with his eyes to Corzip at the two eaves-dropping aliens, then winked. He then turned to Arina and held out his hand.


Thew: Pleasure to meet you, I'm Thew Rydur.

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"I am charmed and delighted, I'm sure. So you are a friend of old Corzip here? I never met you."


Arina laughed inwardly to herself. The Bothan just pulled off one of the simplest tricks there is in spying. He just casually slides a microtransmitter under our table? And am I to notice? Of course not.


She smiled broadly and flipped her hair back out of her eyes, then looked serious once more.


wonder if Corzip still remembers the innuendo I was teaching him so long ago. I'll try something simple.


"Corzip. Don't worry about baking those two Corellian Ale cakes for the party later, ok? Don't worry about them, I know what I am doing. They will be iced with red and yellow, and I will trace the cakes carefully with some Tattoinian Cream..."


Arina started to smile again and her shoulders shook slightly; she hardly felt the mild stinging of her wound.


"Oh, wait... The Tattoinian Cream containers are busted, so I have to buy some new ones in order to bake the pastries correctly. I also hear that my Corellian Ale cakes are highly anticipated, and that there... will be party-goers waiting for them at the event when we get there... So we will need to get moving fast and use the back... entrance so we can surprise... everyone and... deliver my goods."


Arina could not contain herself any longer. Her shoulders shook even more and she held her hand up to her face. he was turning red.


"Please... excuse me." The hints of her smile shining from behind her palm as she turned a deeper red. Arina shook her head slowly.


Oh! My Angels, have mercy... I messed that up so bad that I would be surprised if even I knew what I just said. And here I thought he would be the one to not understand... Corellian Ale cakes!


"I am sorry. I am so..."


Arina could not see any longer as tears welled at her eyes.

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OOC: are you crying ot laughing? :D



*When Arina start talking like that Corzip first had like NO clue what she was talking about. Then he slowly began to see what she was up to. exit through the back entrance.. ok.. good idea.

Thew Looked extremely puzzled but when he glanced at the 2 figures at the bar and saw a hint of corellian clothing he understood. He nodded at her and at Corzip.*


Corzip: I think that is a marvelous idea. I say we go one by one and you as second. that would be surprising more. Thew should go first and we will go with my speeder. you second and i will be behind you.


*Corzip looked at Thew and he nodded as he understood they would go out one at a time and head toward Corzips speeder garage. Arina should follow behind thew and Corzip would wait and follow a bit later. Thew and Arina started to raise from the booth.*

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Well Shreneka, what do you want to do? It looks like she has found an old friend, and is looking to move on.When will humans ever learn, when you use a Sumglers Cant 'BakeSale'. You really need to lead into in and not stop the flow of a convercation. Damn, I bet the whole cantina stop to listen in.Nygle enters in a few commands on his datapad, and brings up a Silent White Noise Damponing Field around the table. I think we need to figure what we plan on doing. You have a load to deliver to the core, and I need to get my ship off the sandbox. Tapping a few more commands in his datapad. Ok, I got us a place setup to crash for the night. It's about 2 blocks down, and is rated to be a nice hotel. Nygle drop the field as the waitress walks up with there drinks.What can I get you boys to eat? Well have 2 specials and make it a double for my friend here. As she walks away with there order, nygle turns to Shreneka. You want me to get a hold of K23-po, and have him move our stuff to the rooms?

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Arina stood silently and flipped her back. As she did so, one of her earrings fell off and rolled to a stop near Shreneka. It was a rather beautiful jade color, studded with topaz and in the shape of some strange symbol.


Arina did not notice the earring fall as she followed Thew out the doors. Next would be Wraith.

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*Corzip saw Arina's earing drop. and it rolled to near the big wookies feet. The wookie looked at the earing and then looked at Arina going out the door. Corzip thought to himself that this would make a perfect opertunity for the 2 men to get to arina with an exuse. Corzip stood up and walked over to where the earing had fallen and picked it up. He turned up and looked right in the eues of the wookie... who growled at him. the bothan said:*


Bothan: he doesnt like you.

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OOC: your not gonna pull a lightsaber on me are you wraith :p


IC: shreneka glared into his eyes with confusion. He didnt really have anything against him he just didnt know who he was. he knew that the man standing in front of him was either a friend or atleast knew arina.


yup he was gonna follow. he had to know who he was

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