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Adventures of The Associates: Naboo

Thew Rydur

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OOC: hell yeah.. to lightsabers swediot :p



*Corzip walks out the cantina. glances at a window and sees in the reflection the 2 aliens are following him. he grabs his comlink and puts it on Thew's comlink frequency*


Corzip: Thew. this frequency may be comprimised. I have 2 jimbo's on my ass. Remember that little talk we had the other week? about some sort of Association? well...,execute.. take Arina. Ill meet you there. Corzip out


*Corzip and Thew had long been discussing leaving Naboo. The imps made it impossible to live on naboo. he and Thew were planning to make a sort of group of people sick of the empire and rebellion.. and just stay neutral. they were planning to go to Corellia and start a new life. Corzip just told Thew to take off to Coronet on Corellia and take Arine. that would mean they weant with Thew's ship. Corzip would try and lose the 2 aliens and head for his starfighter.*

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shreneka quickly took off after the man who had been with arina earlier. they were up to something. he could sense it. Nygle quickly folowed his new found wookie comrade. out side the cantina the men and arina had split up... quickly grabbing a comlink from his utilty bet shreneka gave it to nygle and pointed in the direction of the lone man running. the bothan nodded and started running after him.


k2-3po s vopice came up on the comlink.. what is it now?

greeaal hrrmph

prepare for takeoff... but why?

shreneka just snorted back at him

allright allright im working on it


shreneka then took off after arina

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OOC: ok, I am really lost. At first I thought Wraith walk over to someone else, and not swediot and I. Cause I would have never said something like that. Anyways I think I have a way to get us together, or atlease on speaking names. If you guys don't like my way it is going I can edit it.


IC: As the Human turns to walk away from Shreneka and Nygle. Nygle has taken picture of the Human with his datapad on the table. Shreneka gives Nygle a signal to follow him, and see where they are going. Standing up, Nygle leaves 5 credits for their drinks and heads out the door behind Shreneka. As they are leaving the Cantina, Nygle begins to do a Datasearch on the Human that he had just taken a picture from. The way this human is moving, he just have some combat trainning, and from his size and looks. He must be a fighter pilot, maybe Tie-pilot washout / turn Merc. Grabbing his comlink, Shreneka points for Nygle to follow the Human, as he turns down a corner. Then Nygle sees the human turn a corner of a busy street full of people. His Comlink buzzes indecating that he has a call. Go ahead. In his native language of Bothanine, an older voice come over his channel. This is Agent Borsens of the BSN, that human that you have upload to us is Corzip Dinn. I am sending you a datafile that need to get to his hand, CODE:Yellow.

CODE:Yellow indicates that the message is urgent, but target's intend is unknown to agents. Also any time a color is give, that means the message is to be give in person, by any Agent or trusted officers. Being that Nygle is not an Agent of the Bothan SpyNet, but is cleared for BSN missions at all Mission booths. That mission has now fell into his hands. Understond control, Nygle out. Now with his mission objective still in sight, he needs to come up with a plan to not only deliver this message to him, but also find out Who this Corzip is, and what does he have to do with Arina. What cause me to even stick my nose into this whole thing. Don't get me wrong, I am very glad to meet Sherenka. And helping anyone that is being hunted by those damn IMPs like Arina is. Nygle what where you thinking. Closing the distance now, Corzip turns a corner between to large apartment buildings downtown. Well he as ether spotted me, or is trying to lose any tail he thinks he has. Better put this think on stun, and get ready incase he is setting an ambush on me there. Slowly unhooking his Holdout pistol, and setting the blaster on stun. Nygle turns the corner........

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