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Still Alive?

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I'm holding out, but it looks like I picked the wrong time to pop up again. My username on the old MILegend was Saruman of Melee, then it changed to Wormtongue, then to Weyoun, then back to the first one, but for some reason I don't post nearly as often anymore. Was probably just from school and other things taking up my life then.

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Originally posted by COJ

Hello Junior, long time no talk


Could it be him? Yes, yes it's really COJ.


Man, it's really been a while. Hope you did well, as far as school and private issues are concerned. Make sure to re-activate your MSN account if you have the time. I'd most certainly be pleased to see you there...

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Y'know. It's me Aalua. Yeah. I really did forgot all of those passwods and stuff like that..

But this is Alish speaking from Finland. And yes, i'm gonna write something b/s with me grammar mistakes. So don't be worried.



whose this? --> :ewok:

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Originally Posted by Sue MarleySo don't expect sentens with more than ten words from me.












More than 10.me


Okay! I won't! Still here. Same name. Same password. Same boring location. Same boring person...


Is DarkComet around here anywhere?

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