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Noob here *Shudders*


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Andy, I think you will make a lot of problems here if you start to do that, please behave!!!!!!!!! ;P


remember that this guys will make a lot of things because of that.


Anyway, I think that Kbell needs to make the great test of Aresen: If he walks around with panties he will be insane like everyone :xp:



For Eva I don't think I'll ask her about that, I'll try to think about something else soon

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I second what DD just said. :D


Originally posted by Reclaimer

Good now um your Officaly an Aresener!


* Give K I'm an Aresener hat and T-Shirt,shoes,socks and pants and belt*



Now you are OFFICALY an Aresener! ;)



HEY...no selling of illegal merchandise here ^_~ I KNOW you haven't got a license for that :D

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Reclaimer: The official hat of Aresen is the 'Wally the Space Dolphin' hat, which looks like this: :assult::dozey: Getting details like this wrong is why you're still a noobie.


Captain Andy: Naked. Crazy. :) My kinda gal...


InsaneSith: Very good form. See, Lynk? Hah? See how useful duct tape is? :p Don't leave home without it!

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*looks at captandy*


herr-yee-mee-neyh ..


*trying hard to keep his hands of the duct tape*


she voluntarily ripped her shirt off... oh yes .. no need to use duct tape on her..




arrrr.. what .. *shrugs*


*uses duct tape with himself*


HEY andy.. i am helpless here .. perhabs you could.. usefree

the big jonesme somehow??



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Here is an example from JUST TONIGHT where I used duct tape to deal with vermin in the household: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=109862 ('Terrarium,' fifth post down.)


Lynk... :) [Captain Kirk voice]One. Must. Have. Duct. Tape![/Captain Kirk voice]


(Without it, you'd have to look at Reclaimer's face/butt and allow Ray to freely wander about a house overrun with gerbils as air slowly hisses out into space. No one wants that.)

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Originally posted by Elanesse

@lynk: oooo could we break his arms too???

wow i am in the welcome message....with my name spelt wrong:rolleyes: ...change it plz or there will be no leia costume tonite *wags finger*



........................... *looks at message* ...............................



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Andy, do you see the problem you made here in Aresen??? I told you that you will make something like this.


*shakes Head


also see, you are making a lot of problems with Lynk and Elanesse, but wait, I never saw lynk as a good boy, maybe that's good, El will make Lynky a good boy here in Aresen!!! that's good!!!!!!

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lol ................ LOL!!




andy.. dont listen to this man *point at lynk while he's dragged out the thread* .. he is only some poor addleheaded guy who talks constantly crazy stuff like he is a something called a mod somewhere what he calls "inter net forum".. also he is heavily addicted to pantees and weaselhoney.. TSK.


trust me. come with me if you want to live..


*puts his arm around andy and slightly pushes her to his quarters*




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