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Noob here *Shudders*


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maybe if all the girls take off their shirts (or whatever :brow: ) .. then it not that cold at all in here .. oh and the boys take their shirts off too of course..


oh.. and perhabs girls and boy could change boxers and pantees..


i mean..

we just turn the boxers/panties off and then change them but dont turn them on again..

for the boy this would mean ..

nude to the "root" ..

and for the girls ..

free view from head to .. "yahoo"..







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As are we all, my dear. However, most of us...or rather...many of us...make at least a small effort to not annoy our fellow human beings. I just can't help but point it out if a person compulsively violates this idea, in hopes that they will stop. ;)


For the record, I'm not perfect either. :D


By the way, kudos for not being one of the "entourage" I mentioned above. That's all become rather annoying. ;)

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