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  1. Sunday is almost over! :xp:

    Homework, bah! .. How I do not miss it, lol.


    I'll pm them to you soon. :)

  2. Ah, yeah, I know how that feels.

    I'm not even sure when I'm up to with mine. I've lost track.

  3. Which list is that?

  4. I've received that response before, yes. They're just the people who don't know the difference between emo and themselves its hilarious and depressing at the same time.

    I write about my problems, what it might be like in somebody else's shoes, what's going on in the world and where that's going to end up. In today's society theres just so much to write about its not funny.

    I will post some more in the thread I made, but the more ... personal one's I might leave out. I only show those to people that ... I feel that can relate to it and understand just what it is I'm saying.

    I'll send you some if you like. I feel that you will be able to understand them somewhat. (There's some where I don't even know what it means, because there was so many emotions flying around in my head when I wrote them I just jotted down the first thing that came to my head)

    So yeah. Anyways.

  5. Yeah, online is heaps easier.

    It's good that you want to help people. The world needs a lot more people who think the way you do.

    That's why I'm writing music. I find that when someone talks to me, I can pour out my own feelings, thoughts and emotions onto paper and that helps considerably.

  6. It can be annoying when you've finally opened up and all they say is that. You told them for a reason, and that's all what's come back with?

    I'll help, but I'm also the type of person who doesn't want help. If I can do it myself, I will. If I can't, I'll keep working until I can.

    It's a weird thing really.

    As I said. I keep bottled up. Ever since I was a kid.

    Sometimes, on rare occasions, I will spill some stuff out. But that's rare.

  7. To be the listener in a group can be hard, I agree. Because, they've trusted in you with information they wouldn't tell any other, and yet, how can you let everything that has been said to you, out?

    Me, I've learnt from long ago to bottle up my emotions and keep them bottled. Sure, it can be difficult here and there but if you've had enough practice, its easy to keep them deep down below the surface.

    You just have to have patience and a whole lot of extra sanity lying around, imo.


    It'll be hard, but I believe you'll be able to do it.

  8. I don't know much about college lol, so yeah. My bad.

    I wanted to be a Psychologist once. I'm known as the listener and helper in our group of friends so I thought that wouldve been a occupation to go into.

    Again, that was before Music, haha. I think I can help even more people that way...

    In some respects :)

  9. Ouch. No wonder I didn't go to college/university. I was thinking about it for a while there though. That was before Music became my dominant career.

    What are you majoring in? What career are you looking to have when you finish?

  10. Haha, yeah its like .. "I'm drunk! Hey .. you there! Car! ... Come here so I can beat the crap out of you while you're driving at me going 50km/h!!!"

    Then you wake up a couple of kilometers, or miles, out of your town and having no recollection as to how you got there :lol:


    The after days I find that if you had an awesome time getting that hangover then ... well... I can live with it. I just lock myself up in my room and bark at anyone who comes within ten feet :xp:


    Practice wasn't the best one we had. Plus the stupid studio is throwing us around and not getting back to us as to when we can go back in next. It's annoying.

  11. Haha, well, if he was good looking I guess it wouldn't be so bad. Anyways ...


    As for me...

    I'm trying to remember how I actually got back home.

    I remember being at the Pub. I remember having a drink at the pub. But getting home? .... Blank....


    And QFE as to what D_Y saiid about the ciggies. I completely agree. Quitting is freakin HARD! But the occasional one here and there is all right until you're off them for good. [Yours truly! :D ]

    Anyway ... Yeah. That's about it so far. Apart from trying to get the will up to go into band practice. Urgh ... I'll get there by the start, but it's not gonna be fun.... For any of us, lol. After party's are always big and always hurt after wards....

  12. Haha, that's the way. Go the proxy's.


    Anyways .... What's going on in your neck of the woods?

  13. That's why you ninja borrow the Admin user name and password x]

    It helps a lot. [[i was in an IT class so that's how I was able to obtain it :lol: ]]

  14. I thought you could use 'Touche' when you make a point, but then somebody else makes a point that is relatively more ... well ... better ... than yours. Meh ... anyways ...


    Haha, I used to do that in High School. Be up in the library and making it look like I was doing work, but I was reading stuff from the CEC or Ahto. I'm just glad nobody asked what did Star Wars have to do with my homework. :lol:

  15. The point was that I conceded in most likely being misguided in my own view of a certain topic. (what else was I supposed to say?:lol: )


    Indeed. Loving it does help and you shouldn't give up your dreams because it didn't work out the first time. Keep trying and you'll eventually succeed.

  16. Touche, Burnesyy.

    A point you have there, indeed.

    I guess I myself can be ignorant sometimes [[And for an egotistical fellow like myself, that's a big thing to admit :lol: ]] so I guess I will just have to live with it. I can't change it, and I don't plan to try. I will do what I feel is right. [[And now, when I think of it, that is probably what they are doing anyways...]]

  17. I meant selfish in the way of not caring about what they do enough to care about how it affects the people. All they really care about is whether it will be on the Monday or the Tuesday they will get the cheque.


    Of course Money is close to the top priority on MANY peoples list. And at the moment, it is on mine as well, because I need the cash flow to get started. But if the time comes when I'm able to produce a record that sells millions of copies, I won't worry all that much about how much I'm getting paid for it.


    Sure, I want a comfortable lifestyle, but I'm also one of the ones who also want to make sure I'm doing a little bit of good in the world.


    I can rant on and on about this, but I'm not going to. I don't want to.


    But, it's their choice, and as much as I don't agree with doing something that you just want money, and not for the fact that you don't like, or passionate about what you're doing, I will respect their attitude and decision. I'm not one to go on, and on, and on, lol.


    At least, I like to THINK I'm not, anyways, :lol:

  18. I know, :lol:. I spent a full half of my Ancient History Finals creating characters, stories and events for a story that I'm still writing. I passed my exam - but don't ask me how xP - but I still came out of it with my head buzzing, and it was such a fixed idea that I was still able to come out of the exam with my head still enforcing those idea's so I would remember them when I got home.

  19. :lol: I'm not one of them. Experimentation is one of the key elements of any industry. You don't want to get boring and lose fans do you? Spice up your sound, or style of writing, whichever, and it has the power to be either a good decision or a bad one. Just take the risk.

    I also don't like the people who just do it for the money. Sure they can play, or write, but just doing it to get paid is a selfish and arrogant way of living in my opinion.

  20. Strange indeed.

    Stupid idea's .. why can't we just pop out idea's all the time constantly? .... Life would be so much simpler.

  21. I just want to try and get across my feelings of playing my music to other people.

    I love having the feeling that if people can walk away after listening and feel good about themselves and life, then, why not make it into a career? The rewards are also something to look forward to. [[Nice environment and things for kids to grow up around... Althought "shudders" ... having kids is not exactly on my to-do list at the moment, lol.


    I love playing my guitar, but, each to their own.

  22. Man, I have no idea as to how I do it. Sometimes I can write a whole lot in one sitting and then it takes me a week or more to squeeze the blood out of a rock to get another chapter out.

    It's a wierd thing.

  23. Hey, I know what you mean.

    The first chapters were easy as pie to type up but now its getting to a point where the more I think, the less I write, lol. It's not good a good feeling!


    Yeah, I'm trying to catch up on The False Peace, but time has been consuming me lately, but I WILL get there, I promise :lol:

  24. Haha, yeah you don't want those two on the war path :xp: Especially if they're coming after you! :lol:


    Writing is coming along ... kinda ... still trying to continue the storyline without dragging it along too much, but .. I strive on and hopefully prevail! ... Hopefully soon, haha.

  25. Ha, yeah. I can't really play and sing at the same time. It's bloody hard, that's for sure.


    Go the support! Will get nowhere without it! :lol:

    Chet Atkins is a very good guitarist for 50's style rock and rockabilly so yeah, if you're interested.

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