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  1. Yeah, I think that I shook the very foundations of normailty and theoretical science when I changed it. But, it had to be done, :lol:

  2. Depends ... Who gets to have the crowbar? :lol:


    Ha, sure. I'll join... I like the name :D

  3. In response to Chev .. You could offer a free Juma with each new registration :D

    lol, anyways ...


    Yeah, I fell off the roof whilst doing lights once. I was at a mates house but luckily they had a pool right where I fell. It wasn't a very comfortable landing but I guess its better than if I had landed on the ground, ha ha.

  4. In the immortals words of Daffy Duck, "I demand that you shoot me now,"


    Arr har! I will never die ... At least for another 800 - 900 years anyway. xP


    Anyways ... I'm booored! How goes It, CQ?

  5. "Cause Awesomeness needs no price,"



  6. I like being Me.


    [That's MY annoying/awesomeness of a catch phrase] x]

  7. Boredom is such a disgusting thing! It's evil and it needs to be abolished!



    Anyways .. How goes It, LotF?

  8. That news just lighted up my day :D

    Haha, awesomeness.

    It's fun when the chapters come more quickly then others ay. Especially when you're the one who is writing it.

  9. Hahaha, nooiiiiiceeee ... I AM the Dark Lord of Annoyance so it's natural that people flock to my cause :xp:


    I'm tired as well. Need sleep. But it's still only 4 35pm so can go to sleep yet otherwise I won't be able to tonight when I get back home. [i'm going to a birthday drinks thingamajig :D] Anyways....

  10. I conquered the toilet today, but that's something that's neither important, or something you want to know, haha. Looking forard to more of Computer Problem. It's a funny and nice read.


    I've been trying to cut back on my 'Sith Lording' but it's very hard work. As soon as I stop, another opportunity arises.


    Remember: "With great power, comes great opportunity to abuse that power," :xp:

  11. Poor inexperienced chevron's.



    ... They will be missed....

  12. Heh, not much. Being bored :lol:

    What about you? How goes It in the life of Endo?

  13. Yo, chev.

    Where's Chevron's 1 - 6? ... Are they encoded yet, or what?

  14. ... I'm hungry ... :xp:


    What's-o crackin-o, Apprentice-o?

  15. I just discovered that no matter how hard I try, no matter how much concentration I put into it, an no matter how much I threaten them ... I just cannot keep my eyes open when I sneeze.


    It is ... improbable.

    I say improbable because I WILL get it ... even if I have to bribe.

  16. I always have that there so in case I win, I'm already celebrating, whether I know it or not, :lol:

  17. Yeah .. sometimes it can be a burden but you learn to live with it x]

  18. Don' really celebrate Thanksgiving where I am.

    I'm thankful for being me though :D


    I didn't ask to be special ... it just ... you know ... kinda happened :lol:

  19. Haven't you ever been squirrel hunting, Bee?

    It's the easiest thing in the world! All you need is a bag of nuts ... and Boxing Glove :xp:


    Anyways, hahaha .... Invasions are awesome. Keep planning and you'll succeed haha.

  20. hahahaha, very nice.

    It'd be one of those .. "heh ... Awkwaaaarrrrddd," type of moments .... ha, I love those moments. x]

  21. Haha, niiiice.

    Don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here. I do act like a turkey though .. only for a little bit though .. You know .. Just to see what it's like ... :s

  22. Yeah, trying to. But it's kinda got put on hold for a little bit.

    Glad college is awesome. Haha, no mock exam makes it a freakin good day, in my opinion :lol:

  23. How's College going?


    I'm good. Busy as ever :lol:


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