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  1. I'll try to gather up the mods and PM you a link to you over at Dropbox. In the meantime, you ought to create an account over at Deadly Stream.

  2. Any chance you be coaxed out of retirement for dialogue work? I think there's a project that screaming for your dialogue expertise opening.

  3. Apparently, I've been a member for 10 years. If there is a badge for that, who should I ask about that?

  4. If we can get any of them to you, could you upload them to DS?

  5. Thanks!


    The final version is just slightly a bit different - as I used the top down version of the Ebon Hawk.

  6. Remember that texture that I animated for you but you never released? If not, here's a quick reminder...




    If you're not going to release it, I sure would like to. As it's only one texture (and a TXI file), it shouldn't be too much of a hardship to you. Of course, you would be credited. If you prefer it not being on the DS site, I could also put it as a Dropbox link instead.

  7. Someone else mentioned a problem a couple of days ago. Give it another shot and if you still have problems, try clearing out your cache.

  8. Have you checked your inbox?

  9. I just want to make sure I'm interpreting this correctly. Basically, you want to keep an expansion packs separately. But those other packs could affect things in your mod - like changing wallpaper, adding landing and takeoff videos, connecting your modules to other modules, etc. Do I have it correctly?


    Thanks for being cool with playing in your sandbox whatever the interpretation actually is.

  10. Discussion regarding expanding your Coruscant Jedi Temple mod are in progress here. I apologize for not talking with you about this before starting the thread in the first place.

  11. Finally starting work on SOTE again?

  12. Now that FileFront is no more, have you considered uploading your mods to Deadly Stream?

  13. As knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com is now no longer a thing, I was wondering if you might upload your mods to DeadlyStream.com, Nexus Mods, or both?

  14. No updates to KOTOR Online?

  15. Have you seen the PM that I sent to you over at Deadly Stream?

  16. Now that it's April, I should probably change it! LOL

  17. "Rece" uses a Mac. That might explain his BOS problems.

  18. Send me an update via email, please.

  19. I was wondering if you might make another wallpaper - this time showing Malachor V from orbit?

  20. Why not upload your mods to Deadlystream.com?

  21. Glad you got it worked out.

  22. Once you confirm your mods work, will you be uploading them to Deadlystream.com?

  23. It depends on the mod, I suppose. Do I need a save in a particular area? How extensive is the mod?

  24. You probably would have had better luck with a response if you put your request in the Mod ding Request section. Why not ask a moderator to move your thread there?

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