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  1. It's good to be back. I missed you guys too. :^:

  2. Oh! Thanks for reminding me, Chev. :)

  3. Aww, sorry, CQ. My computer's been actin' up, and things have kinda been rough for me lately.


    But... I'm back! :D

  4. Yeah. Just working on my Physics project that's due tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll RP as soon as I can. :)


    Plus, on the Stargate SG-1 RP, I'm still waiting on Kyvios. I know he's in the process of moving, but I'm still waiting on him.

  5. No, it's okay! I'm not angry. I'm actually okay with this. If I bring in the suspense, it'd be great. But don't worry about it, Chev. You're cool. :^:

  6. Okay... I'll go and change the post.

  7. Thanks, Chev! And the surprise's gonna be posted... later today!! :D


    And yeah, I'm still doing Survivors of Order 66 and Dark Jedi RP. :)

  8. Thank you. And don't worry. I have a great idea set up for Asuka! A big surprise. :D

  9. You mean that Narutopedia? Yeah, I've been usin' it. But that does sound pretty funny, though. :D


    Plus, I had a great idea I put together for Asuka to be really active in the RP.

  10. Thanks. And I'm sorry. It's just that I really don't know much about Naruto.

  11. I'm sorry, Chev. I try but... sometimes I think I'm never doing anything right...

  12. Naw, not yet. I was looking forward to it though. :)


    Hey, Chev? In the Shinobi RP... sometimes I feel like... well... my character's being ignored...

  13. No prob. Always think about them too. :D

  14. Ooooooh! Now I get it! Sorry. :lol:

  15. You sure? Will CQ and Cyborg be upset?

  16. I know, I'm so sorry! My family and I are also about to move and things have been kinda rough lately. But I promise, TODAY I'll post all the RP's I've missed.

  17. It's okay. Everybody's been busy lately, so yeah... it's all good.

  18. Hey, PK. It's been a while since we talked, so... just wanted to say hey. :)

  19. Okay, I get what you're sayin', Chev. Thanks. :)

  20. I'm sure you will, old buddy. :^:

  21. Oh man... That's too bad. Hope you have a great week though. :)

  22. Hey, CQ? Ataris posted on the Stargate RP now. You can post whenever you can now. :)

  23. Hey there, Kyvios. Don't mean to bother ya, but... you still posting in the Stargate RP?

  24. Thanks, Chev. I'll do just that right away. :)

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