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  1. Wonder where Kyvios, Ataris, and CQ are on the Stargate RP... :(

  2. Good idea, Chevron.


    BTW, I was thinking that your character Toran could be a friend and kinda like a mentor of Joanna. If that was okay with you though. :)

  3. Hey there, Ninja. Ya still up to the Dark Jedi RP?

  4. It's some sort of drink, right?


    And to answer your second question, I say we're waiting on both. BTW, I'm starting the RP for the Stargate SG-1 now. :)

  5. Umm... nuh uh. What is it?

  6. Oh. Oh yeah! First, we can defeat Nihilus. After that, Lyna and Atrila will be back to their physical bodies and defeat the risen Krayt, along with Cade. But Karayan, the Sith cultist leader, already escaped. So the team are ready to track him down then.


    And "happy juice" is it! :D

  7. Cool! Can't wait to start it! It's gonna be a blast! :)


    Oh, no! We're still doin' it. My computer's been acting up lately, and I don't know if it's a virus or not. But I'm gonna get on it right now. ;)

  8. Aw, dang. Same with my stepdad, but he's in the Navy.


    Hey, wanted to ask ya if you wanted to join my new Stargate SG-1 RP. It's still on the Backstage, but I was wonderin' if you wanted to join.

  9. Oh my God! Are you okay?

  10. Aw, it's all good, Chevron. Don't worry 'bout it. :)

  11. Sure! I'll try and get them rolling as soon as I can. For some reason, my computer's kinda going slow on me. But I'm still gonna post, no matter what. :)


    And yeah, I'll make a surprise expression for Asuka on when Karela picked her up.

  12. Oh man... Hey! What if Asuka try and reason with her? Like telling Karela that she's a good person and why she's afraid of Bijuus.

  13. :lol: Okay. Those are pretty funny. At least I'm happy again. Thanks, Chevron.


    And yeah, I'm gonna post on those RPs right now. Can't wait to see your plan too. ;) By the way, later on in the Shinobi RP, can there be a part where Asuka talks with Karela about why she fears being around a Bijuu?

  14. Sorry I've been off a while, Chevron. It's just that... things have been going on lately, and... I kinda haven't had time to post. I'll make sure it never happens again. :(

  15. :) Hey, PK. Yeah, I'm startin' to get worried about the RP too. And yeah, you could message Admiral. It's been a while. Thanks, PK. It's really good to hear from ya.
  16. Oh, rats! I'm sorry. I'll edit it right away.

  17. Great job on the RP so far, Chevron! Love how you did the Force ghost Jedi girls. :D


    Oh, by the way, is it okay if the Jedi Exile was Lyna's ancestor? But that's just me...

  18. Sounds cool! But my folks always told me, "The more you practice, the more you'll reach your goal." :)

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