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  1. Good Sir Jon, I extend greetings upon thee! I must rectify my lack of skyping, posthaste! *rushes to the secret door, proceeds with secret handshake, enters glorious secret chat*

  2. I got that Sabre was joking about the World Cup- I was just trying to counter-poke him about Civ V. :xp: Thanks, anyways!

  3. Goddammit Sabre, this is no time to be reading literature like a professor!

  4. Greetings, Darathy.


    Currently preparing for the most unexcellent SAT while annotating for English on the side. On the plus side, when I'm done, I'll know how to read literature like a professor. (...I did not actually think there would be a Wiki page for it)


    What happens 'cross the pond, praytell?

  5. Dammit, late. >.>


    For this, I shall endeavor to be on late tonight and somewhat early tomorrow morning. o_Q


    ...is it odd that I write 'endeavor' as 'endeavour' every freaking time I try to write it?

  6. Many, many thanks upon you, sire! A great site this is, with Civilizations galore. Two I find rather interesting:


    Special Unit (for America): B17 (clicky, my good man)


    Special Ability (for Russia): Mother Russia


    Awesome. Pure awesome. o_Q

  7. Saturday, m'boy. Saturday.

  8. quiteIdocontend.

  9. anewavatarIsee.

  10. 'tis, Sire, and I am awaiting your finishing of le Call.

  11. Monsieur, I am en route!

  12. I suppose just logging into Skype all day would be the most efficient. :p

  13. When can their glory fade?

    O the wild charge they made!

    All the world wondered.

    Honor the charge they made,

    Honor the Light Brigade,

    Noble six hundred.


    Sire, we must band together and force my lazy ass to log onto Skype. For great justice!

  14. Soothsayers speak sooth, sire,

    and humbly tell of a cruel

    and lonely mistress.


    "For the greater good of the people!"

    they cry, blind, deaf, and dumb,

    oblivious to the pain around them.


    Upon the morrow, sire, upon the morrow

    shall our day arise,

    where not one is shackled

    to the decrepit

    and feeble









    Institution of School.

  15. "Forward, the Light Brigade!"

    Was there a man dismay'd?

    Not tho' the soldier knew

    Someone had blunder'd:

    Theirs not to make reply,

    Theirs not to reason why,

    Theirs but to do and die:

    Into the valley of Death

    Rode the six hundred.

  16. The ferocity makes it superior, Sir. The sheer ferocity.

  17. Sir! Your avatar, it has morphed!

  18. Many thanks, Good Sir. I have chosen to adopt this new avatar for reasons yet unknown. I think it's turning out pretty nicely, however. :p


    After exams, Sir, we must communicate. o_Q

  19. Thanks. I just tend to use bigger words than my peers. :p


    Criticism from your family can cut pretty deep, if you let it. I'd say that the best way to prevent any of it would be just to push through and get your degree in whatever you want. I have a feeling just getting it will empower you, to a degree.


    Morality's a tricky thing, especially in the workplace and other areas whereby sacrificing a bit of it can get you ahead. The problem is the slippery slope that it inevitably leads to, and the problems as you slip down further.


    Okay, now I'm logging off for the night. Catch you later!

  20. Nothing, as of yet. Still in high school. :p


    Thanks for the link; I'll check it out when I'm not about to pass out from lack of sleep.


    As for going back to college, I'd definitely recommend it. My father ended up going back to college not long after he married my mom (she more or less forced him, but that's another story), and I'd say that it's helped him a great deal as life goes on, especially in times like these.

  21. Not Asia nor Europe, but 100% USA material (I've got the FDA sticker to prove it, too!). :xp:


    I haven't heard the song you've mentioned, but *shrugs*. School is... well, I don't really need to describe it, do I? It's tortuous enough just to go for forty hours a week (or so).

  22. Not much, really. Exams are coming up this week, so some fun studying to do tomorrow (today!).


    The name itself? I dunno, really. I remember using it a long time back, and it's stuck ever since. I can't recall the specific creation of it, but I think it cobbled together some surnames that I had heard.

  23. Many thanks, GTA. I found it while surfing this great mass of interconnected nets. o_Q


    How have you been recently?

  24. I curse our time difference very much, sir. o_Q

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