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  1. Throwing H2SO4 at faces is pretty common during elections.
  2. Well, considering the fix that you guys are in right now, it might just be. Of course, one might say that's the pot calling the kettle black...
  3. Bullies are not fun. For the past few years (not so much in middle school, really), I've had to put up with an excessive amount of bullying for not swimming with the current. It's a massive pain in the ass; ignoring it doesn't help, asking them to stop doesn't help, and responding in kind doesn't help. Last semester, I nearly decked one of the kids for making fun of me nonstop, the whole freaking year. Trying to hit him elicited more of a response than doing nothing. [/rage] At any rate, there aren't a lot of paths left to be taken when it comes to bullying. Telling a teacher sometimes helps, but when dealing with high-school kids... Best of luck in your grant, Tysyacha!
  4. Being the ill-informed American that I am, the term "dissolving Parliament" isn't exactly the best choice of words there, Britons. >_>
  5. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. ...
  6. I suppose just logging into Skype all day would be the most efficient. :p

  7. When can their glory fade?

    O the wild charge they made!

    All the world wondered.

    Honor the charge they made,

    Honor the Light Brigade,

    Noble six hundred.


    Sire, we must band together and force my lazy ass to log onto Skype. For great justice!

  8. ...and here I was about to write 'Congratulations.' Frowns and disapproving glances upon thee, sire, frowns and disapproving glances.
  9. Even still, with the growth hormones and cows packed thousands to an acre, I'll still eat fast food, etc. ...this is, of course, discounting my brief stint abstaining from meat-related products after reading The Jungle.
  10. Soothsayers speak sooth, sire,

    and humbly tell of a cruel

    and lonely mistress.


    "For the greater good of the people!"

    they cry, blind, deaf, and dumb,

    oblivious to the pain around them.


    Upon the morrow, sire, upon the morrow

    shall our day arise,

    where not one is shackled

    to the decrepit

    and feeble









    Institution of School.

  11. Clearly, we are all racist, sexist, bigoted fellows for playing video games. Also, the responses of the crowd and the other guests on the program were just plain annoying. Clapping every time the two said something about how video games are corrupting our culture, degrading our infallible way of life. Truly, the vitiation of Western civilization lives with our video game industry.
  12. I found Miranda, Legion, and Grunt to be some of my favorite characters. Miranda gave a great scene if you brought her along during the final mission (I can only imagine the imminent coronary that the Illusive Man is going to have next game), as well as the hateful banter with Jack (Joker's "take pictures!" line had me cracking up). Of course, her combat abilities weren't as useful as other squad member's, but decent biotics made up for it. Legion and Grunt provided a bit of fun, too. Both had upgradeable weapons and could generally hold their own in a fight, though, Grunt's lines tended to be a bit more... gross. Of course, Morodin's dialogue takes the cake, with with the 'additional uses of biotics.'
  13. Hmm. Now, we have only to capture several thousand for dissection, and the key to immortality shall be ours!
  14. SPAMUEL: Hope you have a happy birthday!
  15. Jeez, Jae. I'm really sorry about Lucas and all of the other garbage that's piling up on your plate at the moment. I know how much I adore my dog and what I'd do if someone hit her. How're your kids holding up?
  16. Just got Brave New World yesterday. I don't know all that much about it, but I've heard that it's a great read.
  17. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/13/education/13texas.html?scp=1&sq=Texas%20Approves%20Curriculum%20Revised%20by%20Conservatives&st=cse Quite recently, the Texas Board of Education passed a slew of new amendments that would ultimately alter the content of the information presented in the Social Studies/History textbooks. From what the article says, the mostly-Conservative Board decided to include additional information about religion's impact on America's founding, and how it has affected our laws and leaders. I find this action quite appalling, considering that these board members are trying to alter history in order to fit their notion of the world (not that it hasn't been done before, that is to say). The mind of a child is not something to be trifled with; though, they seem to be doing it with relative comfort. What are your all opinions of this?
  18. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  19. Actually, I found forts mostly useful as air bases. When my cities were nearing maximum capacity, I'd start to store up my fighters (the ones not in carriers, that is) and bombers in spare forts. Though, with only one unit per hexagon, now...
  20. Thanks, Sabre. After reading, I think my biggest anticipations are the lack of garrisoning in cities, the full-language videos of foreign leaders, and city-states. With the lack of garrisoning in cities, it becomes crucial to control the environment; I can see the 'fronts' of war developing in a manner very similar to that of World War I. *prepares plans for fallback trenches, and the like* With city-states, though, it seems like they'll be able to function in manners similar to a real-life protectorate. Though you won't control their actions directly, a nation wil probably be able to exert a great deal of influence on a friendly city-state. Proxy war, anyone?
  21. Congratulations, Shem! Have you any more pictures for the prying audience?
  22. A quick search revealed plenty. Makes me glad that I spent all that time scouring random planets to upgrade the shields, etc.
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