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  1. So...if that's where the silver saber crystal comes from, what's the exclusive crystal that comes with all the collector's editions? Thanks for the link, Thanatos.
  2. Hmm...think I'll skip the spoiler trailer, haha. Just nineteen days...plus the time it takes to ship... So, quick question. I know that with Star Trek Online, you got different perks when you pre-ordered it from different places (Borg playable race is the only I can recall off the top of my head). On Amazon under TFU II, it says: "Pre-order 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II" for Xbox 360 or PS3 and recieve a code to access two exclusive challenge levels - 'The Mystical Swamps of Dagobah' and 'Defending the Core'." Anyone know if the pre-order rewards from other places are different? (I googled around to find out, but I couldn't find anything.)
  3. Oh. My. Freakin'. Word. It looks like...a thrall from TR:U or somethin'... I, uhh...I think I'll be getting the collector's edition for the extra levels and the 'saber crystal.
  4. So, has anyone else played the demo for this game? If so, what was your opinion of it? PS: So...whatever happened to that other TR game being developed that was mentioned in this thread? I couldn't find anything about it anywhere but here. (I don't use Facebook, so I'm probably just not navigating the Facebook page correctly.)
  5. Endorenna---AN ONE NERD Real name---SICK, LETHAL HARM I like 'em.
  6. Yeah, the crystal and the skin sound nice...as do the exclusive levels, even though they'll probably be kinda crappy compared to the rest of the game. Trying...to...resist... Oh, what the heck...why am I even bothering? Collector's Edition it is! (I'll be annoyed if those "exclusive levels", lightsaber crystal, and character skin become DLC later. )
  7. Hmm...I'm trying to decide whether to get the collector's edition or the regular edition of this game.
  8. Yeah, I had those complaints with the PS2 version, but I didn't have those problems with the PS3 version. The one thing I really hated was that the end bosses seemed to be immune to absolutely everything.
  9. To be honest, I don't like any of the Harry Potter movies. The first one made me cringe--a lot--because I really don't like cutesy kids, and the ending just made me go, "So...I'm supposed to care about these characters...why?" The second one was a little better, but it, too, was painful to watch until about half-way through, and the ending wasn't believable to me. The third one...honestly, I barely remember it. The fourth one I almost liked...until I rewatched it. The fifth one I didn't pay much attention to when I watched it. The sixth one looked interesting, so I did pay attention to it, only to find that there really wasn't much to see. I'll watch this one eventually, but like everyone else in this thread so far, I'm not expecting it to be any good.
  10. Happy birthday! Have a cake. Hey, I didn't talk about a Bioware game...
  11. Meh. I really don't care. I might get my sis to go see it with me, simply because she didn't see it in the theater and it really is impressive there. (I'm a sucker for pretty CGI. )
  12. What?! But...but TFU II looked so much better than TFU I, and TFU II will probably end at a cliffhangar, and, and... Argh! -_-
  13. It was an excellent movie, far better than I expected. See it if you haven't, haha.
  14. Knights of the Old Republic: The Big Plot Twist I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about this on the KotOR forum...but dang. I get so tired of hearing about how awesome K1 is because of the plot twist. The stupid thing was obvious from the beginning. The twist was so obvious that I figured out who the PC was during -the very first conversation in which Revan was mentioned-. -_- Doctor Who: Rose Tyler Everywhere I go, Rose Tyler seems to be loved by all, so...I guess it qualifies for this thread. Okay...I've never watched the old Doctor Who series, just the new one, so I can't compare the two. I started watching the series in the middle of David Tennent's first season. Frankly, I liked the Doctor. The villains...not so much. But Rose Tyler...she almost made me stop watching the series. It seemed like ten minutes couldn't pass without the Doc shouting, "Rose Tyler, you're brilliant!" after she made some observation or suggestion that anyone with a brain would've seen. Then, she would inevitably end up crying and screaming for the Doctor to save her from the horrific puppet-of-the-week, who usually captured her thanks to an incredible lack of common sense on her part. All she seemed designed to do was stand around, look pretty, whine about her annoying mom and a dead father she never knew, and provide a love interest (despite already having a boyfriend herself). When Rose , I was practically cheering. The Doc's other new companions might have been a tad wishy-washy or (annoyingly) in love with him, but at least they generally had some useful skills to bring to the table (Martha being a med student, Donna being great with numbers and such). Rose was just a mess.
  15. Blasphemer! Kaiden's voice was awesome! Y'know, uhh...despite being Carth's voice, which I absolutely hated. Guess it was because Kaiden didn't whine all the time. The male Shepard's voice, on the other hand...(/shudder). I started playing ME1 as a male just to see the differences in the story, but by the time I was half-way through the Citadel, I wanted to strangle the PC just because of his voice. Also, pretty much any conversation with Liara had me grinding my teeth together. (The "Embrace Eternity" line was the worst, hehe.) Other games... Final Fantasy X: Tidus's voice was bland. His "laugh" was worse, somehow managing to remind me of a constipated owl instead of, y'know...laughing. Wakka practically reduced me to tears whenever he opened his mouth. Yuna was sorta like Tidus's voice pitched a little higher. Frankly, the only voice in the whole game that didn't annoy me at least a quarter of the time was Auron's voice. Those are the main game voices I can think of. (shrug)
  16. Hmm...that was the first place I checked. But I just had another thought... Okay, mystery solved. Since all my Bioware points are still there, I guess the transaction simply didn't go through for whatever reason. (sigh) Sorry to bother y'all. Thanks for the help, Astro.
  17. Grrr...okay, really, really stupid question. I just got around to purchasing the Overlord DLC. There's only one problem. I can't figure out how to download it now that I've bought it. -_- After checkout, I was redirected to the Mass Effect 2 official site, and there was no sign of a "download the thing you just bought here" button (or maybe I just missed it). I really don't want to mess this up. It'd be an expensive mistake. So, anyway...how do I download the DLC I've purchased?
  18. Because Republic Commando 2 wouldn't make a quarter of the money TOR will probably end up making. Anyway...yea, I'd play a TFU game with Luke, but I'd rather have more with Galen for now--or possibly Maris Brood.
  19. I liked the first movie, didn't care for the second one, and hated the third one. (Speaking of which, if you didn't like the third one either. ) I'll pass judgement on the reboot when I see it.
  20. I know, I heard that, but before they were more concerned about the rating.
  21. Err...I suggest you look at this video. PS: I'm pretty sure that dismemberment has been left out of games because of the rating system. Not sure why they're using it now.
  22. Err...that's what online Battlefront servers are for. MMO features simply don't work in that setting, 'cuz no one could cross a field for fear that some sniper would gun them down when all they wanted to do was talk to the NPC on the other side of said field. The only way to avoid that situation would be to have a function that disables PvP. This solution would anger people wanting a SW:BF type of game, 'cuz they wouldn't be able to shoot everything in the field. PS: Mass Effect was only like Battlefront in that you shot things. ME was not an open battlefield; it was a linear shooting spree (as far as combat goes).
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