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  1. Meh...Mass Effect combat was really good (especially in the second game), but I can't see it working well in an MMO with open worlds and possibly PvP servers. Well, the thing about KotOR and TSL's graphics are...well...if they wanted to go with that look/style now, they'd have to make the game very realistic like, say, Aion to avoid getting panned for their graphics, and a lot of people's computers can't support said graphics. Going with the exact same graphics as the two games would be terrible, 'cuz frankly, they look kinda grainy and a bit ugly now. To each his own. You either like the graphics or don't; nothing wrong with not caring for them. Unfortunately, a large percentage of those "certain gamers" wouldn't be satisfied with TOR any more than other MMOs despite the non-conventional aspects of it, and the current MMO players would mostly stick to their old, familiar playstyles, leaving Bioware with another dead Star Wars MMO. The thing about genre-altering titles is...for every one that actually alters a genre, there are a hundred that do nothing but get dropped in the bargain bin. This is Bioware's first MMO. They can't afford to risk an utter failure. :/ In conclusion, I completely understand what you're saying (and I'm most definitely not criticising you for not planning to play TOR ). Different strokes for different folks and all that. However, I think that Bioware's made the smartest business decision they could make for TOR's finer aspects.
  2. Well, I just saw it. I thought it was every bit as good as the first one and a lot better than the second one. Like others in this thread have said, if you haven't seen it, go see it. Now.
  3. Sweet. I can't wait to get my hands on this. ^_^
  4. Hmm, let's see... PS3: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (achievements) Tomb Raider: Underworld (just found out that it has trophies now ) PC: WoW ME1 ME2 (simply so I can get everyone killed in the suicide mission ) DA:O PS2: DMC1 I'll get through all that...eventually...maybe...? If I were smart, I'd only play one at a time instead of bouncing around.
  5. Someone who's willing to die if he can take a powerful Sith Lord with him.
  6. Well, I did read it, actually, so I was expecting Malgus to show up. However, that Sith really didn't look like him--to me, at least. Maybe he's just younger than he is in the Decieved trailer and looks a lot different around the eyes. About the grenade: I figured it was a grenade designed to kill (not a flash/stun), but the Sith contained it with the Force as it went off, creating a shockwave but little collateral damage.
  7. Meh. Looks like a poor man's BF2 with different controls.
  8. Eh, I don't really see the complaint. Bioware said they were wanting to make TOR like the original trilogy, so it's not like this is a surprise. Anyway, I liked the cinematic. The first one was better, I thought, but this one was okay. I don't think that was Malgus--just another Sith Lord.
  9. Hanharr: Ugh, shoot me now. I never play through K2 with him. Zaalbar: He annoyed me. I only liked him because he came with Mission. Chewbacca: I don't really like him either, but he's better than the other two.
  10. Well, I just went to see the movie. Has anyone else? If so, please vote on the poll and post why you did or did not like it.
  11. Judge Frollo, just for the whole Esmerelda part. That's not to mention everything he did to Quasimodo, Phebus (sp?), and Paris in general. Also, the song Astor linked.
  12. Yep, it's what made me break down and use mods in my first playthrough. Here it is. Also, a mod that compliments it very nicely: White Teeth
  13. Well, I finally finished ME2. It was good. I liked the controls better than the first game, but didn't really like the way it felt. Can't put my finger on it... Anyway, I'm playing through ME1 again as Paragon to get a new save and import that to ME2. Trying to make the same head I had before, and I've got something similar, but just...off. I also can't put my finger on the difference there.
  14. Me...I just got my mom a Star Trek book. Of course, that's what she wanted.
  15. Well, it's not as bad as the aritcle makes is sound. Actually, instead of encouraging kids to play lots of video games, it's encouraging them to regulate their video game playing, simultaneously leaving time to do their chores and homework. Also, it's teaching the kids to value the rating system and to play games appropriate for their age. Source I don't see a problem with this.
  16. Meh. I liked Dark Knight better than ESB. In fact, sad as this is, ESB is my least favorite Star Wars movie (unless you count the TCW movie), probably 'cuz I got to see it every night for four months straight... Still, it was a good sequel, much better than most of the ones on that list that I've seen.
  17. Awesome. ^_^ Could you link it here, please? Edit: Nevermind, I found it.
  18. All right, guess I have a game plan, then. Replace the dog with Sten, drop Alistair after the Zevran/Loghain cutscene, and try to have 4 Coercion before level 14 just in case the incident you mentioned has consequences in DA2 (provided they make it, of course). Thanks very much, y'all. Hopefully I won't have to bother you with any more stupid questions, hehe. >_<
  19. Yet another question, hehe. If I become a blood mage, will that lower Alistair's approval? (I know I can get it back with gifts, but I'd prefer not to lose it at all.) Also, do y'all have any tips for keeping Alistair happy after I've picked up Zevran? I intend to bring them both along all the time 'cuz I need a rogue (I don't like Leliana) and Alistair's more fun to talk to than anyone else so far, and I'd prefer not to alienate either of them. (Spoilers are fine.) One more question. Are the chances of the dog finding me good stuff worth taking up a character slot with him?
  20. Haha, okay. So: skip shapeshifter for now (since I'm not using mods the first time through...probably will later, 'cuz that mod looks pretty good), get Spirit Healing unless I want to drag a healer (Wynne, I'm guessing) along the whole game, and I guess the Blood/Arcane spec really depends on how sick I am of the mage's quilted dresses by then.
  21. So...how's the shapeshifter spec compared to blood and arcane warrior?
  22. Thanks very much, guys. And yes, it was very fun. ^_^ I got Dragon Age, havin' a lot of fun with that. PS: I'll take the car, but the Aztec gold is a bit too high-risk for my taste.
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