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  1. One more question. I saw during character creation that only one origin was open to me--do the others open up after a playthrough, or is my elf mage forever stuck with the Dalish elf opening? (I'm gonna make a rogue next anyway, so it doesn't really matter--just wondering if it's possible for an elf mage to be a City elf, haha.)
  2. Hmm...well, in other games I've played, warriors/soldiers always seemed kinda boring to play, and casters/(whatever you call people who use subtlety over brute force) were always a lot more fun, so I think I'll start with a mage or a rogue. Since there hasn't been much love for rogues in here so far, mage seems like the best thing to go with for now. As far as spec goes...hmm...I'll probably want to grab Spirit Healer so I won't have to waste a companion slot for a healer, and the second one...I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. So--female ('cuz I always play as a girl first) elf ('cuz Coercion sounds like a good thing to have from the get-go) mage. I'm off to the character creator. Thanks, guys.
  3. I just got Dragon Age for my birthday. I'm going to start it in a bit, and (as the thread title says) I was wondering what class/race is easiest for a first playthrough. PS: I would've posted this in the main Dragon Age thread, but I didn't want to see any spoilers, hehe. >_<
  4. Happy birthday. Hope you have a good one.
  5. Whoa...yea, you've been doing a heck of a lot more useful things than me. I'm just doing school/writing a little, nothin' like what you're doing.


    I know whatcha mean about the video game thing--my parents are still pretty wary about video games in general. My sisters will get me a game or two for my birthday/Christmas, but the rest are out of my own pocket. :lol:


    Good luck at the student convention! :)

  6. Aww, that stinks about the computer. :( Hope you can play them again soon.


    My computer got upgraded a couple months ago, so...yea, that's why I can finally play ME, haha. It's nice actually being able to play games on my comp now.


    Well, my birthday's coming up soon. Kinda excited about that. I'll finally be old enough to get a job. Very useful. :lol:


    I really need to finish ME2 soon, but I'm in the middle of leveling a character in WoW atm. :lol:


    The only thing I didn't like about ME was the culmination of the romance. Someone had told me that I could do the romance with Kaiden without having the sex scene in it, but...yea, that didn't exactly work out. Annoyed me greatly, especially since I was looking forward to doing the romance again. -_-


    Two question: What've you been up to lately, and, have you played Dragon Age: Origins?

  7. Let's see. Carth has a bad past and whines about it constantly. Atton has a bad past and doesn't whine about it, even when the Exile discovers it. Carth is no fun to talk to, and Atton is hilarious. Carth's voice annoys me...okay, so does Atton's. Carth professes his love to the PC while standing thirty feet away from her, and he doesn't even bother to kiss her despite the fact she's about to go to her death (probably). Atton's romance doesn't really have a satisfying ending, but that, IMO, is better than the end of the Carth romance. Carth is terrible in a fight, while Atton is great to have around. Also, Atton is kinda cute, while Carth is...not.
  8. Hahaha, I know how that goes. :p


    I finished Mass Effect and loved it. Amazing story, likeable characters, etc., etc. I'm in the middle of ME2 right now--so far, I don't like it as much as ME1, but it's okay.


    What do you think of Mass Effect?

  9. Happy birthday, Litofsky. ^_^ Hope you had/have a good day.
  10. Fortunately, Avatar was--y'know--enjoyable, as opposed to the Pocahontas atrocity. (Well, I enjoyed it, at least. ) This is...well, dumb. It's really sad, but really dumb. Maybe if these people watched some movie where the other planet or whatever is a barren wasteland (in 3D), they'd decide the earth isn't so bad after all. Makes about as much sense as getting depressed because the earth isn't as pretty as Pandora. Seriously, why can't these people seperate reality from fiction? I just don't get it. A planet made in a computer doesn't exist. Duh. And besides, Pandora isn't wonderful--it's a huge, beautiful playground for people who want the thrill of almost dying--repeatedly.
  11. Haha, no. After spending so much time romancing Kaiden in the first game, I didn't want to botch it up.
  12. I haven't played either Mass Effect with a male Shepard, only with a female Shepard; here are a couple pictures of her. Very scarred: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Unscarred: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I liked her best when her scars weren't so pronounced, before her eyes turned red, but I didn't take a screenshot of her then. When I play through ME2 a second time, I intend to use the same face--I'll get a picture of her then and post it here.
  13. So...it's okay for us to have freedom of religion as long as we give up freedom of speech? o_0 Quite true, but many religions do say that morals are not an option--they're a definite need, which does sorta help one follow those morals. But no, I'm not saying that all unreligious people are immoral. They just don't have a basis in absolute truth, which logically leads to "I can do whatever I want". Atheists have faith that there is no God, so I disagree with your statement. Anyway, I was just responding to the "religion should be banned" thing. This thread is getting kinda off-track, so I think I'll step out now before it veers away from the topic any more.
  14. Yea, 'cuz obviously, having a percentage of the people in America believe that there is absolute truth, set morals, and God is horrible. Getting rid of that will cut down on crime and make everyone's lives better. Yes, some of the Founding Fathers were deists. The reason they could be deists was because religious freedom was clearly outlined as a fundamental right in the first amendment. In fact, the reason you can be an agnostic is because of religious freedom. If the Founding Fathers hadn't put religious freedom in the Constitution, you'd be having to follow a state religion right now or be persecuted for your beliefs. Banning religion means that atheism will be a state religion and everyone who believes otherwise will be persecuted.
  15. Well, it's probably because girls can be in excellent physical condition and not have a large chest. As far as changing the way Lara Croft looks...well, it seems like taking Mario and turning him into a body builder. Changes can happen in video game franchises without taking a character's main costume/look and messing with 'em. It's the gameplay and story that changes game series. For instance, TR: AoD tried to make the series darker and grittier (and, from everything I've read and seen about the game, failed miserably). TR:U tried again and succeeded, thus changing the feel of the series a little. From the look of Guardian of Light, I get the feeling that Tomb Raider is getting a little less serious again, and the gameplay is definitely changing--heck, the camera angle alone does that. Having a multi-player mode changes it even more.
  16. Yea, removing Thomas Jefferson is pretty stupid. Frankly, it's also pretty stupid to write about the Civil War the way textbooks present it, but that's a different issue. Putting more about religion's impact on history = Good, for all the reasons Jae listed Removing certain important people because they said things some people don't like = Terrible So--good in one way, bad in another. That's all I can say.
  17. Well, it can't be any worse than the other Pirates of the Caribbean games (the MMO excluded--it was really, really simple and I don't think I would enjoy playing it again now that I've played more complete MMOs--but it was fun, and it got me into online games, hehe). The other games for PotC are terrible. ...And those are all the pirate games I've played, so no, I don't particularly enjoy pirate games.
  18. I don't have a problem with a little profanity in literature, but it does annoy me to have lots and lots of unnecessary foul language. There's a point at which it gets ridiculous.
  19. Hmm...what's with the guy carrying the spear? Still, looks interesting at this point.
  20. Okay, guess we've run into different groups of evolutionists. What are parents supposed to do? Teach both evolution and creation as fact, then sit back and watch as their kids struggle to reconcile those views? Children aren't scientists--they can't review the raw facts themselves and do those facts justice. Also...how are parents supposed to be completely unbiased? Should they never tell their kids what the Bible, the book that their religion is based on, says? Should they, who believe that their children will burn forever in hell without God, just forego teaching them how to escape the flames? That would be completely irresponsible and, frankly, reprehensible. Beyond that, everyone has a bias (or a worldview, or whatever you want to call it). It's impossible to teach facts without showing a bias.
  21. There's a difference between not teaching your child something and not wanting someone else to teach your child something. Homeschooling parents (like my own) can teach their kids about evolution quite well while saying, "This isn't what really happened, but you need it to get through college and to not look completely incomptent." It's quite another thing to have a public school teacher telling a child about evolution and saying that it really happened and that anyone who believes otherwise is a fool--including the child's parents. PS: By the way, being religious does not mean having no science background. Both of my parents did extremely well in their science courses in college, despite being religious, and I'm getting quite a bit of science myself right now.
  22. Don't care for the name--reminds me too much of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Well, I hope it'll be good. I enjoyed TR:U.
  23. Think of it this way. If the school system was teaching your kids that there is a God and that your atheism is wrong, would you want to leave them in school instead of teaching them yourself? By granting asylum to this family, the US isn't condoning their reasons for not wanting their children in public schools; it's simply recognizing their basic human right to choose how their children are educated.
  24. That would've been risky, since the German government could've taken their children away while they were getting citizenship. If they'd simply immigrated without the promise of a job, then they could've been deported from the US. Some Western Democracies, mainly Germany and Sweden, have been persecuting homeschoolers with fines, jail sentences, and forcible removal of children from parental custody. Eight months ago in Sweden, a couple was leaving the country with their son, and government officials came onto the airplane when it was about to take off and took the little boy from his parents. The only charge was that they were homeschooling their child and intended to continue homeschooling him in a different country. He's only been allowed to see them for one hour every five weeks since then. If this German family had waited for citizenship, they could've been facing similar circumstances. However, by granting them asylum, the US is affirming our country's position that the right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their own children is a fundamental human right and Germany as a Western Democracy is violating that right. Asylum: 1) Protection and immunity from extradition granted by a government to somebody who has fled to another country, e.g. because of political oppression. 2) Protection from danger or imminent harm provided by a sheltered place.
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